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Breaking: Coronavirus death toll in Europe tops 1,20,000

Image Source: AP

Paris: Corona virus outbreak has affected Europe the most, where the number of dead has exceeded one lakh 20 thousand. Three-fourths of all deaths in the world are related to Europe. Italy, Spain, France and Britain have the highest number of deaths.

The virus, which started from Wuhan in China last year, took the spread of Europe into its grip and caused havoc everywhere. So far 13,44,172 cases of corona virus infection have been reported in Europe while 1,20,140 people have died.

Italy has the highest number of deaths at 25,969. Spain and France are followed by Italy where 22,902 people have died in Spain while in France 22,245 people lost their lives due to this infection. At the same time, 19,506 people have died due to Corona virus infection in Britain. On the other hand, if we talk about the whole world, the highest number of deaths due to corona virus infection has occurred in America.

This post was published on April 25, 2020 11:39 pm

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