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I will also praise the state governments for playing a very active role in dealing with this epidemic: Prime Minister

Hello my dear countrymen. You all are listening to this ‘Mann Ki Baat’ in lockdown. The suggestions for this ‘Mann Ki Baat’, the number of phone calls, are normally many times more. Include many topics within you, these things of your mind have reached me. I have tried, that I should be able to read them as much as possible. You have got to know many such aspects from which your attention is not taken care of in this disaster. I feel that, in this ‘Mann Ki Baat’ happening in the midst of war, share those same aspects with all of you countrymen.

Friends, India’s fight against CORONA is truly people driven. In India, the people are fighting the fight against CORONA, you are fighting, governance and administration are fighting with the people. A large country like India, which is striving for development, is fighting a decisive battle with poverty. He has, this is the only way to fight and win CORONA. And, we are fortunate that, today, the entire nation, every citizen of the country, is a soldier of this fight, leading the fight. If you look anywhere, you will realize that India’s fight is people driven. When the whole world is struggling with this epidemic crisis. When it will be discussed in future, its modalities will be discussed, I believe that this people driven battle of India will definitely be discussed. People have come forward to help each other all over the country, in the streets and in the streets. From the food for the poor, the provision of ration, the lockdown to be followed, the provision of hospitals, medical equipment to be built in the country – today the whole country, one goal, one direction, is going along. Clap, thali, diya, candle, all these things which gave rise to emotions. The spirit with which the countrymen have decided to do something – these things have inspired everyone. Whether it is a city or a village, it looks like a huge Mahayagya is going on in the country, in which everyone is eager to contribute. Look at our farmer brothers and sisters – on the one hand, they are working day and night in their fields in the midst of this epidemic and are also worrying that no one in the country should sleep. Everyone, according to his ability, is fighting this battle. If someone is waiving rent, then someone is depositing their full pension or prize money in PM CARES. Someone is donating all the vegetables of the farm, then someone is giving free food to hundreds of poor people every day. Some mask is being made, somewhere our laborers are living in quarantine, painting the school in which they are staying.

Friends, to help others, inside you, in any corner of the heart, which is this swirling emotion! The same, against CORONA, is giving strength to this fight of India, it is making this fight truly people driven and we have seen, in the last few years, in our country, it has become a mood Has been going strong. Whether it is to leave the gas subsidy of crores of people, to leave the railway subsidy of millions of senior citizens, to take the leadership of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, to build toilets – there are countless such things. All these things show that – all of us – one mind, is threaded with a strong thread. They have inspired to do something for the country.

My dear countrymen, I humbly, with great respect, salute this sentiment of 130 crore countrymen today, by bowing head. According to your feeling, according to your interest for the country, according to your time, so that you can do something, the government has also prepared a digital platform. This platform is – I speak again – The government has connected the Volunteers of all social institutions, representatives of the Civil Society and the local administration through this platform. In a very short time, 125 million people have joined this portal. These include doctors, nurses, our ASHA, ANM sisters, our NCC, NSS partners, all professionals from different fields, they have made this platform their platform. These people are helping a lot at the local level in making crisis management plans and also in its fulfillment. You can also join the, serve the country, become a Covid Warrior.

Friends, every difficult situation, every fight, gives some lesson, goes or teaches something, learns. Paves the way for some possibilities and also gives direction to some new floors. The determination power shown by all of you countrymen in this situation, has also started a new change in India. Our Business, our offices, our educational institutions, our Medical Sector, everyone, are moving rapidly, towards new technological changes. On the technology front it really seems that every innovator of the country is constructing something new according to the new circumstances.

Friends, when the country works as a team, then what happens – we are experiencing this. Today, be it the Central Government, be it the State Government, every department and institute of these are working together full speed for relief. There are people working in our Aviation Sector, be railway employees, they are working day and night, so that, the countrymen have least problem. Probably many of you will know that a special campaign called ‘Lifeline Udan (Life-Line Flight)’ is going on to deliver medicines to every part of the country.

Nowadays in social media, we are constantly seeing that during LOCKDOWN, people are not only remembering their peers, taking care of their needs but also writing about them with great respect. Today, such pictures are coming from every corner of the country that people are showering flowers on the cleaning workers. Earlier, you probably never even noticed his work. Be it doctors, cleaners, other service people – Not only this, there has been a lot of change in the thinking of common people about our police system. At first, we could not see anything except negativity when thinking about the police. Our policemen today are feeding the poor, the needy, and taking medicines.

The way the police is coming for every help, the human and sensitive side of POLICING has emerged in front of us, shaken our mind, touched our heart. There is an occasion in which common people are engaging with the police in an emotional manner. Our policemen have taken this as an opportunity to serve the public and I am confident – these events can bring about a very positive change in the coming times, in the true sense, and we all can take this positivity anytime. Do not paint with the color of negativity.

Friends, we often hear – nature, distortion and culture, look at these words together and see the emotion behind it, then you will see a new door opening to understand life. If we talk about human nature, ‘it is mine’, ‘I use it’, and this feeling is considered very natural. Nobody seems to mind it. We can call it ‘nature’. But ‘what is not mine’, ‘which I do not deserve’, I snatch it from another, snatch it and use it, then we can call it ‘deformity’. Beyond these two, above nature and perversion, when a cultured mind thinks or behaves, we see ‘culture’. When someone gives up his right, his hard-earned thing, what he needs, less or more, regardless of what a person needs, leaving his concern for himself, sharing his right to another Meets the need of – that is ‘culture’. Friends, when there is a test period, then these properties are tested.

You must have seen recently, that India has taken some decisions in accordance with our values, in accordance with our values, while discharging our culture. In this hour of crisis, the crisis of medicines has been very much for the world as well as for the rich countries. There is a time that if India does not give medicines to the world, no one believes India guilty. Every country is understanding that for India too, its priority is to save the lives of its citizens. But friends, India decided to go beyond nature, distortion. India decided according to its culture. We not only stepped up efforts to do what was needed for the needs of India, but also paid full attention to the call for the protection of humanity coming from all over the world. We took the initiative to deliver medicines to every needy in the world and showed this work of humanity. Today, when I talk on the phone with the heads of many countries, they definitely express their gratitude to the people of India. When those people say ‘Thank You India, Thank You People of India’, then pride for the country gets further enhanced. Similarly, at this time, people are also seeing the importance of Ayurveda and Yoga in India all over the world. Look at social media, how to increase immunity everywhere, how Ayurveda and Yoga of India are being discussed. From Corona’s point of view, the protocol that the Ministry of AYUSH gave to increase immunity, I am sure that you guys, must be using it. If you include hot water, decoction and other guidelines, which have been issued by the Ministry of AYUSH, you will benefit greatly.

Friends, it has been a misfortune that many times we refuse to recognize our own powers and rich tradition. But, when another country in the world does the same thing on the basis of evidence based research. If our own formula teaches us, we take it by hand. Possibly, there has been a very big reason behind it – the period of our slavery of hundreds of years. Because of this, sometimes, we do not believe in our own power. Our confidence is less visible. Therefore, instead of pursuing the good things of our country, our traditional principles, on the basis of evidence based research, we start to consider it inferior. The younger generation of India must now accept this challenge. Just as the world has accepted yoga happily, similarly, the world will accept the principles of our Ayurveda, thousands of years old. Yes! For this, the younger generation will have to take a pledge and in the scientific language that the world understands, we will have to explain and do something.

Friends, due to covid-19, many positive changes are naturally taking place in our way of working, our way of life and our habits. You must have also felt, how this crisis has awakened our understanding and our consciousness on different subjects. The effect that we are getting to see around us, first of all – wearing mask and keeping our face covered. Because of the corona, in changing condition, mask is also becoming part of our life.

You all will also remember. There was a time that, there used to be many such areas of our country, that, if a citizen was seen buying fruit there, the people of the neighborhood would definitely ask him – is anyone sick at home? That is, the fruit – meaning, eaten only in sickness – was one such notion. However, time changed and this perception also changed. Similarly, the perception about the mask is about to change now. You will see, the mask will now become a symbol of civil society. If you have to protect yourself from illness, and, to save others as well, then you have to put on a mask, and, my simple suggestion remains – to swear.

Friends, another big awareness has come in our society that now everyone is understanding what the harm of spitting in public places can be. Spitting here and there, anywhere, was part of wrong habits. It also posed a serious challenge to cleanliness and health. Well, in a way, we have always been aware of this problem, but, this problem was not taking the name of ending the society – now is the time, that this bad habit, always Be abolished for It is also said that “better late than never”. So, it may have been late, but, now, it should give up the habit of spitting. While these things will increase the level of basic hygiene, corona will also help in preventing the spread of infection.

My dear countrymen, it is a happy coincidence that, today, when I am talking about ‘Mann Ki Baat’ to you, there is also a holy festival of Akshaya-Tritiya. Friends, ‘Kshaya’ means destruction but that which is never destroyed, which never ends is ‘Akshay’. We all celebrate this festival every year in our homes but this year it has special significance for us. In today’s difficult times, it is a day that reminds us that our soul, our spirit, is ‘Akshay’. This day reminds us that no matter how many difficulties stop the path, no matter how many disasters come, no matter how many diseases have to be faced – the human feelings of fighting and battling with them is inexhaustible. It is believed that this is the day that the Pandavas got the Akshaya-Patra with the blessings of Lord Krishna and Lord Suryadev. Akshaya Patra i.e. a vessel in which food never ends. Our farmer farmers work hard in this situation for the country, for all of us, in this spirit. Due to their hard work, today, for all of us, for the poor, the country has a renewable food store. On this Akshaya Tritiya, we should also think about conservation of our environment, forests, rivers and the entire ecosystem, which play an important role in our lives. If we want to remain ‘renewable’ then we must first ensure that our earth remains renewable.

Do you know that this festival of Akshaya-Tritiya is also an occasion for the power of charity i.e. Power of Giving! Whatever we give with the feeling of the heart, it really matters. It is not important what we give and how much we give. In this era of crisis, our small efforts can become a huge support for many people around us. Friends, it is a very holy day in Jain tradition as it has been an important day in the life of the first Tirthankara Lord Rishabhdev. In such a way, the Jain society celebrates it as a festival and hence it is easy to understand why on this day, people like to start any auspicious work. Since today is the day to start something new, can we all together, through our efforts, resolve to make our earth renewable and imperishable? Friends, today is the birth anniversary of Lord Basaveshwara. It has been my good fortune that I have had the opportunity to learn, learn and connect with Lord Basaveshwara’s memories and messages repeatedly. Best wishes to all the followers of Lord Basaveshwara on his birth anniversary in the country and the world.

Friends, the holy month of Ramadan has also started. When Ramadan was celebrated the last time, no one had imagined that this time Ramadan will also face such huge troubles. But, now that this trouble has come in the whole world, then we have the opportunity to make this Ramadan a symbol of restraint, goodwill, sensitivity and service. This time, we pray more than before so that the world is free from corona before Eid comes and we celebrate Eid with enthusiasm and enthusiasm as before. I am confident that in these days of Ramadan, following the guidelines of the local administration, we will strengthen this fight against Corona. It is still very important to follow the rules of physical distancing in the streets, in the markets, in the mohallas. Today, I also express my gratitude to all the community leaders who are making people aware about two yards away and not getting out of the house. Indeed, this time Corona has changed the way of celebrating festivals, including India, has changed its appearance. Just recently, we also had many such festivals, Bihu, Baisakhi, Puthandu, Vishu, Odia New Year. We saw how people celebrated these festivals by staying indoors, and with great simplicity and well being towards society. Usually, they celebrated these festivals with enthusiasm and zeal with their friends and families. He used to go out of the house and share his happiness. But this time, everyone was restrained. Followed the rules of lockdown. We have seen that this time our Christian friends have also celebrated ‘Easter’ at home. It is very important today to fulfill this responsibility towards our society, our country.

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