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“Paisa Jitne Wala Game” 2020: How to earn money by playing game

In this post of Paisa Wala Game today, you will know that you can hear the game khel kar paise kaise kamaye only from your mobile, you can hear from many people that you can earn money by playing the game, but also know how to read this post today. Will be able to earn money by playing online games Paisa Jitne Wala Game,

And the best thing in this is that you get a chance to earn money from yourself, you can earn money by downloading paise wala game along with your work.

By the way, there will be lots of applications that earn paytm cash on Google play store, but some of those applications do not work properly, either we did not give the points or money we had earned by playing games, or withdraw money as soon as. When it comes to doing it, the game crashes,

And you were looking for some such paise jitne wale game for a long time, so today’s post is only for you, by playing all these games you can earn a lot of money,

So because I have included all the games of this list by playing and using it properly, so that you do not have any problem after reading this post.
All the games that I have put in this list are very easy such as cricket, bike racing, fruit ninja, etc. Some similar easy games which are not very difficult to play, you can play them easily, someone It is also not a game that you have difficulty playing,

All games are online, so you will have to use your mobile internet connection or wifi without internet connection, you cannot earn money by playing any of these games.

Paisa Kamane Wale Android Games

Before telling paise wala game, know beforehand that you have to have a paytm account whose kyc is complete because if it is not there, then whatever you have earned money, you cannot withdraw it with you,

So it is very important to have a paytm account or paypal account, if you want game khelkar paise kaise kamaye, then read this post well.

  1. MPL – India’s Biggest Gaming App

MPL ie mobile premier league This game had more than 1 million downloads when it was on google play store, so think how many more downloads it has now, though many people will know about this game because it is a game. Only this much,

Paisa Wala Game will first tell you about how to download it, you will have to go to mpl’s website to download, after that you will get this install button and click on it, download this game,

When the game is downloaded, when you register in this game, you will immediately get 10 rupees as soon as you become a member of this game and if you refer it further, you will get some commission.

Paise Jitne Wala Game and more than 30+ games will be available within this game, whatever you feel like playing, you will earn around 6 lakh people by playing that game and daily.

paisa kamane wala games

This game promotes Virat Kohli himself, you will know when you download it.

A lot of games are found within this one game, such as ludu, cricket, kite up, carrom, bike racing, football, snake, basket ball, fruit dark, fruit ninja..etc these are some of the names of games Which you get to play in it.

How to earn money from MPL (MPL) or What is MPL App?
To earn money from the mpl application, you have to play some games and all the games that you have earned by playing, you can transfer them directly to your paytm account and along with that if you have upi then you can also Can ask for money

In the new update of MPL, from now on you can also play fantasy cricket and fantasy football, in this it happens that if you are playing fantasy cricket then in that you have to form a team of your own, in which you have to tell which team will win and Which player will score the most runs or take the most wickets,

In this way you can earn money by guessing, but you have to pay the entry fee in it, which you can transfer the entry fees by transferring from paytm or upi, if your guess is correct, then you will get your entry fee and some extra money instead. Paisa Wala Game will also be found

Which you can withdraw anytime later in your paytm or upi.

mpl live game download

How to withdraw money from MPL?
To get the money you earned, you will see a wallet icon in this game, click on it and you can ask for any amount you have earned in three ways by payingtm upi and bank transfer,

When you go to the wallet option, then select the method of which of the three ways you want the money, bank transfer, paytm or upi and remember that the kyc of your paytm account should be already completed,

Otherwise you may face problems in withdrawing money, so make sure to have KYC before withdrawing money.

Paisa Wala Game After filling the amount you have earned, select it on the withdraw money and you will get immediate money while withdrawing whatever method you selected.

GameZop Application Review – This app has just been released, you can earn Online Paisa from this game too. So you have to do some things. If you follow those things then you can also earn money online.

If you also want to earn money by playing online games, then this application will help you a lot, then you have to first download this application and register in it, then I have told you all those things further.

To download the application, I have given you the link below, you can download it by clicking on that link,

And when this application is downloaded, you have to process registration from the number from which you have created your Paytm Account. This has to be done because of this because when you get Game Khelkar Paise Jeetoge in this app then you will get money in the same Paytm Account.

How to make money with GameZop?
To make money from this application, you have already known half the process, after that you can earn money by playing some games. In this application, many games go to play. Such as: – Ludo King, Cricket Gunda, Saloon Robbery etc.

Battle of all these games is always going on here. If you also want to do this Battle Join, then you have to pay Token or money, while installing the app, we are given 30 Token, which we can use in any game to win money after winning that game.

In this game we are given money according to our rank, if our rank comes to 1-10 then we can get around 100 rupees or more.

And the best thing about this game is that if we win 2 rupees after playing this game, then we can transfer it to our Paytm Account.
To transfer money, you have to click on the Icon with Menu, after that you will get an option by Winning Cash, after that you will get an option with Cash Withdraw on the same, after clicking on it, you have to enter your Paytm Mobile Number.

And another thing of this is that the money you won will come immediately to your Paytm Account, when I had taken Withdraw from this app, I also got the money in my Paytm Account immediately.

So in this way, you will also like Game Khelkar Paise Kma Sakte Hain, you will all like this app, you must try this app once.

GameZop Refer & Earn: –
In this application you also get the method of Refer & Earn. If you refer this application to anyone and they download from your own link then you get 2 rupees of Per Download.

Now people will feel that now you will continue to share the link of this application for only 2 rupees. No, you do not need to do anything like this, you just have to paste your Refer Link in Incognito Mode in your Chrome Browser or in any other browser.

You just register all the mobile numbers you have in your house and you will get an OTP Password, that mobile number and put that password on the website.

Then you will immediately add money to your GameZop account, after which you can transfer those money to your Paytm Account.

So in this way you can make money too. Hope you like this method.

This post was published on April 27, 2020 8:03 am

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