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NASA’s Longest Working Space Telescope Celebrates 30th Anniversary

The Hubble Space Observatory is run in partnership with the European Space Agency. This telescope has played an important role in discovering the rapid expansion of the universe.

The Hubble Telescope gave evidence of the existence of black holes in the galaxy’s centers.

This telescope has been repaired and upgraded by astronauts. Due to this unique feature, this telescope could work for so long.

Cosmic reef
On its 30th anniversary, the Hubble Telescope has photographed a cosmic reef. The cosmic reef is a group of stars that look like coral reefs found in the ocean. Each star in this group is ten times the size of the Sun. These stars are in a nebula (nebula). The nebula is a huge cloud of gas and dust. The dust emanating from these stars creates a nebula.

This reef is glowing red all around. The red color is visible due to the brightness of nitrogen and hydrogen gas. The blue color in the reef is due to the presence of oxygen.

This post was published on April 26, 2020 3:14 am

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