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The Prime Minister paid tribute to Lord Basaveshwara in a video message on the occasion of Basava Jayanthi

Basava Jayanti is an annual event to commemorate the birth of 12th century philosopher and social reformer Vishwaguru Basaveshwara. This event is especially celebrated in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra.
Lord Basaveshwara was a 12th-century poet-philosopher and the founding saint of the Lingayat sect.
Global Basava Jayanti – 2020 was organized digitally to connect their followers in India and abroad.

About Lord Basaveshwara:

  • The ideas of Basavanna (Lord Basaveshwara) have been written in novel form known as vakya (poetry). In the year 2017, the work of digitization of his holy words was started.
  • This innovative literary work has a major contribution to the Sharan Movement in which he expressed his revolutionary and reformist ideology in simple Kannada language.
  • Thus, the main purpose of the Vachana-based movement under the leadership of Basaveshwara was the welfare of all.
  • He gave two important and new concepts called ‘Sthavara’ and ‘Jangama’ which means ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ respectively. Both these concepts are the mainstay of his revolutionary ideology.

Social / Political / Administrative Reforms:

  • Lord Basaveshwara was a great reformer and administrator, who not only preached about the reforms in the society but also adopted and developed them in his life.
  • Lord Basaveshwara’s teachings serve as a source of spiritual knowledge as well as a practical guide to the life of an ordinary citizen.
  • Lord Basaveshwara gave the idea of ​​socialist and democratic system. He talked about human rights in the twelfth century. He considered every aspect of human life and suggested measures to improve it.

Religious Reforms:

  • He tried to change the ‘concept of temple’ which was the main focus of various forms of oppression. He believed that priests and rich people are exploiting common people in the name of God and temple.
  • He gave a new dimension to human body and soul, which boosted the self-esteem of all human beings.
  • Basavanna was the first Kannadiga in whose honor his social reforms were recognized.
  • It is noteworthy that in 2015, the Indian Prime Minister unveiled the statue of Basavanna on the banks of the Thames river in Lambeth, London.

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