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projects worth Rs 21.11 lakh crore at standstill in red zone

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new Delhi. Despite the government's relaxation in business restrictions, 8,917 projects worth Rs 21.11 lakh crore are still stuck in various areas in the 108 districts most affected by Corona virus infection. This information has been revealed in a survey. With the announcement of Lockdown 4.0, the government has relaxed certain activities in areas other than areas with strict restrictions. According to a study by Projects Today, the project monitoring organization, about 8,917 projects worth Rs 21.11 lakh crore have been stuck in 108 districts of the Red Zone. This is 37.4 percent of the total projects going on in the country.

The study said that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi first announced the lockdown on 25 March, 17,372 projects worth a total of Rs 56.51 lakh crore were in various stages of implementation. He said, "Some projects have resumed after gradual easing of lockdown restrictions. A country that is already in a phase of economic slowdown for a year is at risk of stalling projects for a long time." Cannot raise. Of these 8,917 projects, 7,998 projects worth Rs 16.26 lakh crore are in the infrastructure sector. Besides these 1,292 road projects, 166 railway projects, 203 hospital projects, 3,971 real estate projects, 630 commercial complexes under construction and 178 industrial parks. The remaining more than 900 projects are related to sectors like manufacturing, irrigation, power and mining. According to Projects Today, 62.9 percent of the 8,917 projects are with government agencies. Central government agencies where 1,036 projects worth Rs 4.42 lakh crore. While various departments of state governments are executing 2,609 projects worth Rs 8.86 lakh crore, Maharashtra has the highest number of projects with 2,970 projects worth Rs 5.96 lakh crore, followed by Gujarat with 769, 695 projects are stalled in Uttar Pradesh, 390 in Andhra Pradesh and 198 in Delhi.

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