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Monsoon onset over Kerala on June 1, says IMD | Monsoon to reach Kerala on June 1, IMD said progress made due to cyclone in Bay of Bengal


Monsoon onset over Kerala on June 1, says IMD

new Delhi. The southwest monsoon is expected to reach Kerala at its normal time ie on June 1. The Indian Meteorological Department said on Thursday that the formation of a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal is helping the monsoon to move forward. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had earlier said in its estimate released on 15 May that the monsoon could be delayed this time and it would reach Kerala by 5 June. The normal date of monsoon reaching Kerala is June 1.

IMD has stated that a low pressure area is likely to form over the southeast and adjoining east central Arabian Sea between 31 May to 4 June. In view of this, conditions are likely to be favorable for the onset of southwest monsoon in Kerala from 1 June. According to IMD, the country will have a normal monsoon this year.

Private weather agencies involved in weather forecasting had predicted Kerala to arrive before the monsoon schedule. With the arrival of monsoon in Kerala, the four month long rainy season starts from June to September in the country. As per the normal scheduled date, the monsoon reaches Kerala on 1 June.

Skymet Weather says that the monsoon will reach Kerala on May 28, while the Weather Company has set a date for May 31. Due to cyclonic storms in the Bay of Bengal, the monsoon in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands can reach its normal date from 22 May to 16 May. Last year, the monsoon arrived in Andaman and Nicobar on May 18, two days before its due date, but due to slowing down, it reached Kerala on June 8 and the monsoon was swept across the country on July 19.

Monsoon will be normal this year. Up to 75% of the rainfall in the country is from the southwest monsoon in June to September. It is not only important for farming in the country, but also for the economy, which is mainly agro-based, with water in the reservoirs. At the same time, northeast monsoon also brings rain in the country. Rainfall occurs in parts of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh from October to December from the northeast monsoon. This year, the Indian Meteorological Department has revised the dates of monsoon up and running in different parts of the country based on data from 1960 to 2019. The earlier dates were based on data from 1901 and 1940. However, the monsoon arrival date in Kerala is still June 1.

In the national capital, the new normal date of monsoon has been extended from June 23 to June 27, which means that the monsoon will be delayed by four days in Delhi. Similarly, in Mumbai and Kolkata, the monsoon dates have been from June 10 to June 11 and for Chennai from June 1 to June 4. However, in the remote part of Northwest India, the monsoon will reach on July 8, compared to the current July 15. At the same time, the return date of monsoon is 15 October in South India.

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