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Locusts from Pakistan threaten standing crop on 2 lakh hectare



new Delhi. After the collision of Amphon on the eastern shores of the country, a new kind of crisis is now arising on the western parts of the country. According to the environment ministry, locust parties have been attacked in many states of the country through Pakistan. According to the ministry, locust parties are seeing an impact in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and many parts of Madhya Pradesh. According to the government, there may be a serious impact on the production of cotton and vegetables in locust parties.

It is estimated that the grasshopper attack may affect the standing crop on about 2 lakh hectares. States have demanded immediate relief from the Center in this matter. The most impact due to locusts has been seen in Rajasthan. Where their outbreak is seen in 16 districts out of 33. The Rajasthan government has demanded pesticides, drones, helicopters and equipment from the center.

The Agriculture Ministry official told the media that at present, cotton crop is being prepared in the affected areas. If sowing of a small kharif crop starts, the risk will increase further. According to the official, grasshopper parties usually arrive in India in May-June, but this time grasshopper parties have started coming from early April.

The cause of the Corona epidemic is yet to attract special headlines by grasshopper parties. However, environmentalists are constantly warning that this time the locust parties are at a record high level due to which a large population of the world may suffer from starvation. The UN has made it clear in its report that this year the number of grasshopper parties can be 2 to 3 times that of last year. This may lead to starvation in millions of countries in Africa, while food production in many countries may be affected. The World Bank has approved $ 500 million in aid to locusts.

This post was published on May 22, 2020 11:33 pm

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