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Tickets will also be booked through the Railway Reservation Counter, Common Service Centers and Agents from Friday


Indian Railways green lights re-opening of reservation counters

new Delhi. Indian Railways has announced the opening of reservation counters in a phased manner from Friday for booking reserved tickets for 200 trains running from 1 June. Railways have also allowed to book reserved tickets through 7 lakh common service centers and ticket agents. They will all start working from Friday.

Indian Railways has instructed all the zonal managers to decide for themselves the opening of the reservation counter as per the local needs and situation. These reservation counters will be opened in a phased manner from Friday.

These booking counters and CSC are closed since the lockdown came into force on 25 March. Earlier, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that booking of train tickets will start from Friday at around 1.7 lakh CSCs across the country, this facility will be available in remote places where the availability of computers and internet is less or not at all.

Railways said that reservation tickets will open in a phased manner from Friday and information about their respective places and times will be given as per local needs and conditions. The order of the Railway Board said that according to the existing rules of the state governments, labor-specific trains will continue to operate. These booking facilities will significantly reduce the burden on passengers who depend on ticket counters to travel.

Indian Railways has said in a statement that the opening of all booking facilities is an indication of steps being taken to bring passenger rail service back to normalcy. This decision has been taken in the direction of making the ticket booking facility easy for all potential passengers.

Zonal railways have also been instructed to ensure adherence to social distancing guidelines and to maintain cleanliness. More trains will be announced soon. Earlier, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal had said that it is time to take India to normalcy.

This post was published on May 21, 2020 11:18 pm

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