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Estimated 7% drop in worldwide carbon emissions in 2020 due to lockdown

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new Delhi. Even though the corona crisis is a havoc for humans today, on the other hand it has also brought a big relief for the environment at the right time. The quality of air and water has improved due to the ban on industry around the world. At the same time, a research has estimated that due to the lockdown, worldwide carbon emissions can be reduced by 7 percent.

This research has been done by a group of European, American and Australian scientists which has been published recently. The report has been prepared based on daily data from 69 countries, 50 states of America, 30 states of China and 6 economic zones. According to research, in the year 2019, the world was emitting 100 million tons of carbon daily. However, in the beginning of April 2020, there was a 17 percent decline in carbon emissions. According to research, in many parts of the world this decline was up to 26 percent. Research estimates suggest that even if worldwide business activity returns to pre-epidemic levels by the end of June, a 4 percent drop in carbon emissions is possible. At the same time, if the restrictions continue till the end of the year and business activities remain below the level before the epidemic, then there may be a record 7 percent drop in emissions.

According to research, if this happens, the rate of decline in emissions will be the largest decline since the Second World War. The report said that emissions from the aviation sector dropped by 75 percent in April, emissions from road vehicles by 50 percent and emissions from energy production by 5 percent.

This post was published on May 20, 2020 12:00 pm

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