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Union Finance Minister big announced for MSME company law health education. The Finance Minister made these big announcements in the 5th and last installment on employment, health and education


Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

new Delhi. In the fifth installment of the Rs 20 lakh crore special economic package, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman particularly emphasized seven issues. Sitharaman said attention was being paid to 'MNREGA, health and education, business, making the Companies Act non-criminal, ease of doing business, public sector undertakings and resources related to state governments'. The Finance Minister said that the government will also keep an eye on the preparations after Corona. Emphasis will be laid on employment, health and education, MNREGA, trade and Kovid-19 crisis.

Finance Minister made these big announcements

  • Giving relief to MSME companies, the Finance Minister said that in case MSME is not taken under insolvency, the limit was raised from one lakh to one crore. The company which is in debt due to Corona virus will not be considered as default.
  • The Finance Minister said that all public sector will also be opened to the private sector, the Public Sector Enterprises (PSE) policy has been approved for the new self-reliant India. Under this policy, all sectors will be opened to the private sector. For this, the government will introduce a new policy. Under this, some sectors will be notified as strategic sector.
  • On the new announcements, Nirmala Sitharaman said that for the MNREGA announced an additional 40 thousand crore rupees. Work related to water resources will also be brought under MNREGA. Right now the budget of MNREGA is Rs 61 crore. MNREGA will strengthen the village economy.
  • The Finance Minister said that changes were made in the Companies Act. CSR, lack of board report, omission in filing were removed from the list of crimes. Ease of doing business for private companies. Now the country's companies will be able to list their securities directly in the approved foreign markets.
  • Finance Minister said that the announcement of 15 thousand crores for the health sector, health and wellness centers were extended in rural and urban areas. Speaking on the change in health service, Nirmala Sitharaman said that the government will increase health expenditure. Preparations will be done to fight infection-related diseases in the district level hospital. Public health labs will be set up in every block in rural areas. India is now producing over 3 lakh PPE and N-95 masks a day. 11.08 hydroxy chloroquine tablets have been made in the Corona period.
  • The Finance Minister said that HRD Ministry has started preparations for online education. During the applicable lockdown of Kovid-19, the government has taken several measures for online education. The government itself, through Prabha DTH channels, has helped students who do not have internet access to continue their studies. Three channels were already for schooling. Now 12 more channels have been added to this list. The Finance Minister said that 12 new channels will be started for the online class. 200 books have been added to the e-Pathshala. 61 crore children are studying on the initiation platform. The top 100 universities were allowed online classes.

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