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20 lakh crore package sector wise break up. 20 not 21 lakh crore rupees is the complete package, know how much went into whose account


20 lakh crore package sector wise break up

new Delhi. In his address to the country on May 12 (Tuesday) at 8 pm, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman completed the special economic package of 20 thousand crores announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rescue the country from the Corona crisis. Has given the account After a 5-day press conference, the Finance Minister has given complete information about where the funds have been given for different sectors and schemes of the country under the Self-Reliant India Campaign. You also know how the package of 20 lakh crores was sung of 21 lakh crores. We are telling you how much help was given to which department.

Stimulus announcements part 1

Who got what in the first phase?

5,94,550 crore was announced in the first phase. 3 lakh crore rupees for energy sector, 20 thousand crore rupees for MSME companies to recover from debt, 50 thousand crore rupees only for MSME companies, 2800 crores for EPF support for workers and businesses, in EPF rate 6750 crores for deduction, 30 thousand crores under special liquidity scheme for non-banking finance companies and micro finance institutions, Partial cred for NBFCs and MFIs 90 thousand crore rupees have been released under this guarantee scheme and Rs. 50 thousand crore has been released for TDS and TCS deduction.

Stimulus announcements part 2

Who got what in the second leg?

A total of Rs 3,10,000 crore has been announced in the second phase. In which Rs 35 crore for 2 months free ration to migrant laborers and Rs 1500 for Mudra Shishu loan, Rs 5 thousand crore for loan to street vendors, Rs 70 thousand crore for housing CLSS / MIG, additional through NABARD 30 thousand crore rupees have been announced for emergency service and additional 2 thousand crore rupees for Kisan Credit Card.

Stimulus announcements part 3

Who got what in the third phase?

A total of 1,50,000 crore announcements have been announced in the third phase announcement. In which 10 thousand crore rupees for micro food units, 20 thousand crore rupees under Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana, 500 crore rupees under Operation Greens, 1 lakh crore rupees for Agricultural Infrastructure Fund, 15 thousand crores rupees for Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund. , 4000 crores has been announced for the promotion of the cultivation of herbs and Rs. 500 crores for bee keeping.

Stimulus announcements part 4 & 5

Who got what in the fourth and fifth stages?

A total of 48,100 crore announcements were announced in the fourth and fifth phase announcements. In which 8100 crore rupees have been announced for feasibility gap funding and additional 40 thousand crores for MNREGA scheme.

Atmanirbhar Bharat Package

Announcement of total package of 20,97,053 crores

Overall, 594550 crore rupees have been announced in the first phase, 310000 crore rupees in the second phase, 1500000 crores rupees in the third phase and 48,100 crores rupees in the fourth and fifth phases. Which make a total of 1102650 crores. Earlier, under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, a relief package of Rs 19,2800 crore and Reserve Bank of India has been announced for Rs 801603 crore. In total, a package of Rs 20,97,053 crore has been announced so far.

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