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Finance Minister announce relief package for Agri and allied sector


Finance Minister

new Delhi. The third part of the self-reliant India package released today focused on agriculture and allied sectors. Today, the Finance Minister made a total of 11 announcements for the sector, out of which 8 announcements have been made for the development of infrastructure i.e. infrastructure, while 3 announcements have been made for the improvement of functioning in the area. According to the government, these steps will help farmers to get a better price for their crop. Also, it will be easier for the businessmen working in the field to work. Today's announcement covers topics such as agri infrastructure, small businesses involved in the food business, fish production, veterinary medicine, herb and medicinal plant yields, beekeeping, fruit vegetables, and sector-related improvements.

Infrastructure Fund for Farming

For better storage and management of crops after harvesting, the government has decided to further strengthen farming infrastructure under which the government today announced a Rs 1 lakh crore Agri Infrastructure Fund. With the help of this fund, infrastructure schemes like cold storage, modern warehouses will be financed.

Micro Food Enterprises (MFE) 10 thousand crores for

The Finance Minister has announced a plan of Rs.10 thousand crores for the unorganized sector MFE today. According to the Finance Minister, the businessmen will be technically upgraded under this scheme, so that they will meet the standards of FSSAI, as well as help in their brand and marketing, which will provide new opportunities to the businessmen. 2 lakh MFE will benefit from this scheme. The plan will focus on cluster-based industries in which small businesses engaged in a particular product of a single location will benefit.

Provision of 20 thousand crores for fish industry

A package of 20 thousand crore rupees has been announced today for the development of infrastructure in the fish industry and to help the industry. Out of this, 11 thousand crores will be spent in promoting fisheries and aquaculture, while 9 thousand crores will be used for the development of fishing harbors, cold chains and markets. The government hopes that in the next 5 years there will be an additional fish production of 70 lakh tonnes, while exports will also be doubled. With this, 55 lakh will get employment in the sector.

Rs 28 thousand crore scheme for animal husbandry

In order to protect the animals of the country from diseases, it has been announced to expedite the vaccination campaign of all the pets. There is a plan of Rs 13343 crore for vaccination of 53 crore animals to protect against diseases.

A fund of Rs.15 thousand crores has been announced for infrastructure for animal husbandry. Under the scheme, efforts will be made to increase private participation in dairy production, which will benefit all the stakeholders related to the sector.

4 thousand crore rupees for herbs and medicinal yields

Today, the Finance Minister has made a provision of 4 thousand crores to promote the production of herbs and medicinal plants. According to the plan, the National Medicinal Plant Board will increase the area of ​​herb production to 10 lakh hectares in the next 2 years. Along with this, there are also plans to grow 800 hectares of medicinal plants on the banks of the Ganges. This will provide new opportunities to the farmers engaged in the area.

500 crores for beekeeping

The Finance Minister has made a provision of Rs 500 crore for beekeeping in today's package. This money will be used for marketing, collection, storage and value addition facilities of honey. According to the Finance Minister, 2 lakh beekeepers will benefit from this scheme.

500 crores for Operation Green, scope also increased

In order to protect the farmers from the damage caused by the rapidly degrading fruit vegetables, the government has expanded the scope of Operation Green to include all fruits and vegetables. Currently, it includes tomatoes, onions and potatoes. According to the Finance Minister, due to difficulties in the supply chain, there was a lot of loss in the fruits and vegetables of the farmers, so the scope of the scheme has been extended. According to the plan, 50 percent subsidy will be given in the transportation of fruits and vegetables for the areas affected by surplus area, while 50 percent subsidy will be given in other storage including cold storage. The plan has been launched as a pilot project for 6 months which can be carried forward. A provision of Rs 500 crore has been made for the scheme.

Reforms for agriculture

In today's relief package, the Finance Minister has announced 3 steps of reform for agriculture and allied sectors. As a first step, many commodities have been excluded from the list of essential commodities by changing the Essential Commodities Act, so that farmers will get their market value. At the same time, there is a relief in the stock limit, which will benefit the businessmen working in the sector.

The second step reforms for better marketing. In this, the Center will bring a rule in which farmers will get the option to sell the produce at a good price and will also open a convenient trade route between the states. At the same time, a framework for online sale of agricultural products will also be prepared.

The third step will create a legal framework for the benefit of farmers. With this help, transparency will be maintained in the deals and risk will be reduced for the farmers and they will get fair price for the crop and the product.

This post was published on May 15, 2020 8:28 pm

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