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Covid-19: Four Indian and one Pakistani company got rights to produce Remedisvir


Covid-19: Four Indian and one Pakistani company got rights to produce Remedisvir

new Delhi. The country's four major pharmaceutical companies Cipla, Jubilant Life Sciences, Hetero and Mylan have entered into a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Gilead Sciences for the production of the potential drug remadecivir of Kovid-19. Under this, these companies will get the right to manufacture and distribute the medicine. The US drug regulator Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved emergency use of this drug in the treatment of Kovid-19 patients. Gilead said in a statement that Gilead has entered into a non-exclusive voluntary licensing agreement with five generic pharmaceutical companies in India and Pakistan. Its purpose is to increase the supply of Remadecivir.

The company said the deal was signed with Cipla Limited, Jubilant Life Sciences, Hetero and Mylan (all Indians) and Ferozsons Laboratories (Pakistan). These companies will manufacture and distribute Remedisvir in 127 countries. These countries are mostly low or low middle income countries. Gilead said that as part of the licensing agreement, these companies will transfer the technology of Gilead's manufacturing processes for remadecevir and will also have the right to change it so as to increase its production.

Drug-producing companies will be able to fix the price of their generic product themselves. Gilead said companies would not have to pay royalties on the production of the drug under this license until the World Health Organization terminates the declaration of an international public health emergency declared for the Kovid-19 pandemic or until treatment of the corona virus No new drugs or vaccines are approved. Whichever is earlier, this exemption will remain till then.

Cipla said in a statement that the agreement has been done as part of Cipla's efforts to provide life-saving treatment to patients suffering from the epidemic worldwide. Umang Vohra, the company's managing director and chief operating officer of global operations, said the world is facing the corona virus crisis. In such a situation, it is inevitable for us to come together to fight it. At the same time Hari S., co-chairman and managing director of Jubilant Life Sciences. Bhartia said that we have closely monitored its medical examination and regulatory approval. We will introduce the drug in the market soon. Hetero Group Chairman B.C. Parthasarathy Reddy said that the company has manufactured it in India. She is already working closely with the Government of India, the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Controller General of India in this regard.

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