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what Rs 20 Lakh Crore Economic Package means for Pakistan. The total economy of Pakistan is equal to 20 lakh crores! Mim are being made on social media


what Rs 20 lakh crore means for pakistan

new Delhi. To improve the country's economy because of the Corona virus crisis, Prime Minister Modi said in his address to the country on Tuesday evening that the government is going to give an economic package, and in recent times, the financial given by the government and the RBI If the package and the subsequent economic package are combined, then an amount of 20 lakh crores is made. That is, to revive the economy from the Corona crisis, a total of 20 lakh crore rupees will be spent in the country.

The Rs 20 lakh crore relief package is a huge package for an economy like India. Many big countries of the world have not announced such a big package for their economy. After the announcement of PM Modi's package of 20 lakh crores, jokes were made on Pakistan on social media. Mim started being made in which Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Kahn was shown saying that there is not even 20 lakh crore rupees.

After all, how big is 20 lakh crore rupees for Pakistan. If 20 lakh crore rupees are converted into dollars, then about 270 billion dollars are made. At the same time, the size of Pakistan's total economy is about 280 billion dollars. That is, the economic package announced in India is almost equal to the total economy of Pakistan.

However, India's economy and Pakistan's economy cannot be compared. The size of India's economy is about $ 2.65 trillion and Pakistan's economy is about a tenth of it. India's foreign exchange reserves are over $ 480 billion while Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves are close to $ 15 billion.

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