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tips to safely buy insurance policies online

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new Delhi. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, people are locked in their homes keeping their health in mind, and in such a situation, no one fully knows how long this series will last. People are beginning to worry about their future and in such a situation many people are taking internet approach to buy an insurance policy to avoid coronavirus. Someone is taking health insurance, or life insurance online, or taking a new policy with new offers at a higher premium. The new financial year has started and employees of many companies are also being asked to give information about their investments. Overall, at present, people are looking for investment options and due to the lockdown, internet remains the only means for them to get information or purchase. But how safe it is to invest online or get investment information, none of us knows fully. Recently, IRDA released some guidelines to watch the online fraud case increasing. In which it was clearly said that fake companies are trying to trick people into giving them a low premium and customers should avoid them. IRDA also asked people to beware of offers of fake online insurance companies.

IRDA guidelines for buying online insurance:

People should beware of fake online companies

Be cautious of offers from online companies offering low premiums.

Advice to buy insurance only from these three institutions given:

1. IRDA-registered insurance companies

2. IRDA-registered insurance intermediaries who are permitted to do such business

3. Appointed Insurance Agents of Insurance Companies

Along with this, IRDA has said that people should get insurance and pay online only after thoroughly checking the insurance company, intermediary or agent. For more information, investors can visit the IRDA's Consumer Education website and get complete information about insurance.

Before taking online insurance, keep in mind some important things:

Avoid hackers and be careful before giving your personal information taking online insurance

It is important to give information about Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

To protect PII, click the address of the insured online browser and not the link in their email.

Before installing online insurance, install security software in your phone, laptop or desktop.

Before installing online insurance, it is necessary to install antivirus protection and anti spyware software.

Insurers should take care before sharing their PII with anyone.

If you use hotspot or wifi, always click on the website starting from https.

· Avoid being on one's page while buying insurance for a long time

Always use virtual private network (VPN)

Personal insurance of the insured is required at the time of purchasing online insurance. Pay attention to him

Insurance is not purchased every year, so always read the terms and conditions before buying insurance online, check and only sign in or sign up

Understanding your policy is most important for the insured. Do not buy any online policy under the pressure of an agent without understanding and without knowing your need.

While taking online policy, many policy websites have the option of smartbox or helpline chat box. Click into it and take all the information carefully first

First check the policy of two-three companies online, read and then buy the policy online according to your needs.

Most importantly, if you are not clearing things even from the IRDA website, then get help from an insurance expert over the phone or talk to your investment advisor.

Although it is cheap and easy to buy insurance policy online, but beware of increasing online fraud and check the policy thoroughly.

This post was published on May 5, 2020 6:06 pm

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