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Urban Employment Guarantee Program Needs Time: Economist | economist advocates urban employment guarantee scheme to boost economy

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new Delhi. Some leading economists and social workers of the country believe that an ambitious urban employment guarantee program is the need of the hour. This can change the appearance of the economy. At the same time, the standard of living of millions of Indians is expected to improve significantly. He said that efforts such as reduction in unemployment and low unemployment and increase in income will increase demand in small towns and create conditions for successful entrepreneurship. Some of India's leading intellectuals, social activists and policy makers like Sarathi Acharya, Vijay Mahajan and Madan Patki have explored various aspects of the unemployment problem in the third section of the ambitious 'Rethinking India Series' project.

There are suggestions to improve living standards through public services and facilities. Apart from this, there has been talk of increasing employment and productivity in private sector through skill development, increase in income in informal sector and preventing environmental degradation. The latest issue of the series "Reviving Jobs: An Agenda for Growth" was released by Penguin Random House on the occasion of World Labor Day. It said that after 2012 the number of youth entering the labor force has increased rapidly, while the number of new jobs has decreased, the situation may become more serious between 2020 and 2030, as the labor force continues to grow. Will remain It describes how India can better utilize the remaining period of its demographic dividend. At the same time, it has been warned that in the event of not doing this, millions of people will have to face poverty in the coming decades.

This post was published on May 1, 2020 8:30 pm

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