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Ban on gaming apps hopes for opportunity for domestic sector


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new Delhi. The government has banned 118 apps keeping in mind the security of the country. These apps have 34 gaming apps, some of which have a strong hold in India. The Government of India is constantly working in this direction, so that the threat of these apps can not only be avoided but this challenge can also be turned into an opportunity. From a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister on 23 September, there were indications of the government's strategy for gaming, so that the government could get a two-way advantage in such a situation. In this meeting on toy industry, the government also discussed measures to promote indigenous online gaming.

Grievances from both the security agencies and society regarding PUBG

Grievances were being received from various agencies of the society ranging from security agencies regarding PUBG. There was constant news that according to which children took any wrong step due to the addiction of PUBG. The government was cautious about its content. At the same time, there was a danger of going into the wrong hands of the figures of millions of users of the country. In today's order also the government has mentioned that such complaints were received about these apps which were very worrying in terms of security of the country. The government knows that by curbing these apps, security will be fixed but a big difference will be made in the gaming industry, this challenge can become a big opportunity for the Indian gaming industry.

Government's emphasis on indigenous online gaming

On September 23, Prime Minister Modi spoke to senior cabinet ministers on the country's toy sector, which indicated the government's strategy. Prime Minister Modi had asked to organize special events for students and youth in which they should put their ideas on online games. With this, the participation of youth in the development of the segment can be increased.

Indigenous app benefited from Tiktok ban

The government has seen the two-way benefit from the previous app ban. Banning TicTock has eradicated security concerns on the one hand, while indigenous apps like Spark have seen a sudden spurt. Many indigenous apps offering services such as TicketLock are now strengthening their hold in the market. There is a possibility that banning gaming apps will reduce India's security concerns on the one hand, and on the other hand, the indigenous online gaming industry will also help in making its mark. In 2019, the size of the worldwide gaming industry was $ 152 billion, which was 3 times the total box office business worldwide.

Mobile game of Indian Air Force is present

Indian Air Force simulation game for iOS and Android users, Indian air force- a cut above already exists, where you can fly Tejas, Rafael, Mirage and Sukhoi. If you are feeling empty due to PUBG ban, then you can make up this shortcoming by blowing a fighter plane on this native app.

This post was published on September 3, 2020 6:18 am

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