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5 Popular traditional toys in India


Country's leading traditional toys

new Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today talked about promoting domestic toy industry in Mann Ki Baat. Although today's youth and children in India know very little about traditional toys. Especially when they have received a lot of fame abroad. Know about 5 famous traditional dolls and toys in the country.

Channapatna Toys

The history of Channapatna toys is 300 years old. It is said that during the rule of Tipu Sultan, this toy made of lac was making the hearts of children. Since then, this art has made its mark in the country and abroad. The early artisans who built it settled in Channapatna, close to Bangalore, after which these toys became named Channapatna Toys.

Tanjore Dolls

Information about Thanjavur or Thanjavur toys is found in many Tamil literature. You must have seen these dolls in many places, or movies, whose head and body move as if they are dancing. Hence they are also called Dancing Dolls of Tanjore. These dolls are in demand worldwide.

Kondapalli Toys

Wooden Kondapalli toys made in Vijayawada district in Andhra Pradesh are quite famous. The livelihood of generations of artisans who are in this profession depends on this art. Kondapalli is an industrial town in Andhra Pradesh, whose identity is due to these toys. In such toys different parts are made first which are then joined together. Toys are made keeping in mind the life associated with villages, so these toys have a glimpse of rural life in India.

Serene toys

Nirmal Toys located in Adilabad district of Telangana is also famous all over the world. The city was named after the 17th century ruler Nimma Naidu. He had a keen interest in the fields of art and toy manufacturing. He gathered many artisans and laid the foundations of the toy-making industry here, due to which his city gained cultural prestige. There is a demand to bring this art back to its old fame. These toys are made from a special wood. The artisans claim that these toys neither break easily nor deteriorate.

Puppet of rajasthan

Rajasthan's puppet has gained a lot of fame in the country and abroad. Foreigners who visit Rajasthan often take puppets with them. They have a good demand in foreign countries. The puppet is actually part of a game or performance. But now people also buy it for decorating, while children also like to play with it.

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