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Now Google Pay users make contact less payment with credit debit card


New feature in Google pay

new Delhi. Amid the fear of Corona virus, Google Pay has offered a special service to its users, in view of the need for social distancing. Now Google Pay users will be able to pay using debit or credit card using NFC system. This information is given in a report of android police. At present, no information has been given from the company. According to the report, users will be able to make their payment with the help of NFC i.e. Near Field Communication. Apart from this, the user already has the facility to pay from the account.

This feature of Google Pay currently supports only the cards of Axis Bank and SBI, so currently only the card holders of these two banks will be able to avail this facility. According to the report, Google Pay will soon provide this facility to the card holders of other banks as well. To get this facility, the customer must first complete their verification. After which you have to register your card through the OTP received from the bank. After this, customers will be able to use NFC service.

Through UPI, customers get fast payment facility from bank account to bank account, it used mobile app. At the same time, customers can pay by simply moving their card closer or tapping at the payment counter through NFC, OTP is not required to suffer a limit (Rs 2000 for Axis Bank). That is, the customer does not have to come in contact with any device during payment. Both systems are a means of fast payment, although in one, the mobile phone app uses a secure bank account, while in the other the secure information in the card is used. Now Google Pay has introduced both these features to the customer simultaneously. That is, if there is no money in the bank account associated with Google Pay, you can also pay by credit card.

This post was published on August 30, 2020 10:46 pm

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