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India rank at 72 in average salary list


Average monthly salary in india 32,800 Rupees

new Delhi. India ranks 72nd worldwide in average monthly salary. According to a report, the average monthly salary in India is 32,800 rupees i.e. $ 437. 106 countries have been included in this list. Switzerland topped the list. A ranking of reported this ranking. According to a survey by international e-commerce company, which offers discount coupons, Switzerland tops with an average monthly salary of $ 5,989, or Rs 4,49,000. Cuba tops the list with an average monthly salary of Rs 2,700, ie $ 36. Luxembourg ranks second on the list, with Switzerland at Rs 3,00,900 (with $ 4,014) and the US at an average monthly salary of Rs 2,64,900 ($ 3,534). The top 10 countries include Denmark ($ 3,515), Singapore ($ 3,414), Australia ($ 3,333), Qatar ($ 3,232), Norway ($ 3,174), Hong Kong ($ 3,024) and Iceland ($ 2,844).

India's average monthly wage of Rs 32,800 is followed by countries like Kazakhstan (Rs 32,700), Brazil (Rs 26,000) and Egypt (Rs 16,400). Countries like Cuba, Uganda and Nigeria are at the bottom of the list with an average monthly salary of Rs 2,700 and Rs 13,800. India ranks 10th among the 16 Asian countries included in this list. Countries like South Korea (Rs 1,72,900), China (Rs 72,100), Malaysia (Rs 62,700) and Thailand (Rs 46,400) have been ahead of India. India is followed by Vietnam (Rs 30,200), Philippines (Rs 23,100), Indonesia (Rs 22,900), and Pakistan (Rs 15,700).

This post was published on August 29, 2020 12:25 am

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