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how soyabean farmers can save their crop. This way soybean farmers can save their crop, this advice given by the Soybean Processors Association of India

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This is how soybean farmers can save their crops,

Farmers have been advised by The Soybean Processors Association of India to prevent loss of soybean crop due to pest and disease. After heavy rains in the previous week, some crops have suddenly turned yellow in various areas and have also dried up. In order to save the crop from these diseases and insects, the farmer brothers were given the Executive Director of The Soybean Processors Association of India, DN. Pathak has given some remedies for medium and late ripening soybean species or where pests and diseases are in early stage.

DN Pathak has advised farmers for the control of stem fly and girdle beetle that betasafluthrin plus imidacloprid 350 was given for control. Or spraying Thiamithoxam plus Lambra Cyhalothrin 125 ml / ha. Where only semilooper rings are outbreaking, Lambra Cyhelothrin 409 ST (300 ml / ha) or Indoxacarb 15.8 EC (333 ml / ha) or plubendiamide 39.35 sc (150 ml / ha) or flubendiamide 20 wg. (275 ml / ha) sprayed.

Spraying of tebuconazole (625 ml / ha) or tebuconazole plus sulfur (1 kg / ha) or pyrochlostrobin 20 WG (500 g / ha) or hexagonazole 5 EC (800 ml / ha) for control of diseases called anthracnose and rhizoctonia aerial blight Do it At the same time, it has been advised not to use these medicines on the crops that have been completely destroyed.

Since the soybean crop is now around 70 days old, it is necessary to use 500 liters of water per hectare to ensure the expected effect of chemicals. In areas where there is still water logging, it is advisable to ensure proper arrangement of additional drainage at the earliest.

This post was published on August 28, 2020 3:31 am

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