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Airtel chairman hints at price hike

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new Delhi. Telecom companies seeking to raise data prices in India may shock expensive data to customers in the coming times. According to Bharti Airtel Chairman Sunil Mittal, customers are currently getting up to 16 GB of data for Rs 160, which should be just 1.6 GB. That is, according to the chairman, the cost of data should be Rs 100 per GB. Mittal indicated to his subscribers that he would be ready to pay more for the data in the coming time.

At an event, Sunil Mittal advised his subscribers to either spend only 1.6 GB a month on this price, or be prepared to pay more. He clearly said that he does not want the price of 16 GB data to reach the level of 50 to 60 dollars like the US and Europe. But they also do not want them to stay at the current $ 2 level. Mittal clearly said that taking 160 rupees for 16 GB is not correct in any way. Customers can be given 1.6 GB of data at this price. Currently, Airtel is giving 1 GB of data every day for 24 days in a plan of Rs 199. It is estimated from the statements of the chairman that in the coming time, this plan will get a total of 2.4 GB data in 24 days.

According to the chairman, the average revenue (ARPU) from each user should be Rs 300 per month to sustain the business. And the company aims to deliver it beyond Rs 200 per month in the next 6 months. Currently, the ARPU of the company was at Rs 157 in June.

This post was published on August 26, 2020 6:22 pm

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