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Chances of catching covid in flight are slim than


Research on in-flight covid transmission

new Delhi. The aviation sector has suffered the most from the Corona crisis. Passengers continue to decline due to restrictions on flights and public fears over the spread of Corona in the confined airplanes. People are still apprehensive about air travel. However, according to a recently released report by scientists, air travel in the Corona period is not as scary as people feel.

According to a report in CNN, scientists believe that the chances of getting infected with the corona virus during the flight are much lower than elsewhere. The report cites research by several scientists, including the Medical Journal, Frankfurt University and MIT, released by the American Medical Association. According to the report, even if a passenger is infected during the flight, this rate is much lower than the passenger number. A MIT statistics professor estimated that if all passengers wore masks, the probability of being infected with the virus by a modern aircraft during a journey of up to 1500 kilometers was only 1 in 4300. On the other hand, if the middle seat is kept vacant, then this probability will be reduced to just one out of 7700 for the passengers sitting on the gap. This estimate is for when the aircraft are flying at full capacity. Experts are assuming that air is replaced by fresh air every 2 to 3 minutes in modern aircraft. At the same time, these aircraft use air purifiers with 99.99 percent particle handling capacity. Along with this, there has been a decrease in the rate of infection for aircraft passengers with various safety measures like skinning, mask.

At the same time, if the report is considered, then the rate of infection which has come before is also low. One such research mentions a March 31 flight from American to Taiwan, with symptoms of corona in 12 people, although 328 people had no infection. At the same time, the Journal of American Medical Association mentions a flight in which evidence of infection has been found during the flight. The flight was from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt. Two other passengers were infected by a group of suspected tourists. Apart from this, 14 other passengers were transitioned via 1 passenger on a flight from UK to Vietnam. According to the report, so far this has been the fastest case of infection in a flight. According to the report, there have been cases of corona infection but these numbers are also limited compared to the total number of passengers flying.

This post was published on August 24, 2020 9:08 pm

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