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tips to get your vehicle safe from waterlogging


tips to get your vehicle safe from waterlogging

new Delhi. After the monsoon rains, some views become very common in cities. In this, it is quite common to see several feet of water on the streets and vehicles standing unaided at a distance. Many times the rain waterlogging would be so dangerous that the vehicle or the people riding in it become life. In such a situation, before taking a vehicle during the rain, everyone needs to know what mistakes they do not have to make during this time and if they are stuck in trouble, then what should they do so that their vehicles and more importantly their lives Stop getting into trouble

Know your vehicle capacity

Crossing the waterlogging of a deep or unknown road with small trains can put you in deep trouble. The first and easiest rule to avoid rain waterlogging is to know the capabilities of your vehicle. All vehicle drivers know the ground clearance and engine capacity of their vehicle. Also, what problems has it faced over time. If your car is small or old enough, it is better that you do not leave unknown places and paths during the rains, if you have to leave, then leave with extra caution. It is best to keep information about such services in unknown places who can reach you for help by calling. This will keep you ready for the worst time.

Identification of pits, submerged area on roads

There are some under passes in Delhi and Mumbai where trucks and buses drown in the rain. At the same time, there is no count of accidents due to pits in the rain. In such a situation, it is in your own interest to keep complete information about your route. However, in unknown areas, you are on a path which is full of water and you are not at all aware that there is a pit or a deep place on that road, then it will be dangerous to descend directly. It is better to stop your car in a safe place and let a big vehicle pass. Estimate the speed of the water in the filled water and the level of water on its tires.

Do not show smartness

Often people try to get out of the waterway by putting their car behind big trains. The reasoning behind this is that the water removed from the big car ahead would have created such a space for some time that the rear car gets a chance to get out. However, this step often puts people in trouble. Because in such a calm, waves are formed in calm water, whose reach exceeds its height. If the big car in front stops or the rear car gets hit by the returning wave, then this smartness has to bear the brunt.

How to cross a place full of water

If you want to cross the water filled on the road, first shut the car thoroughly. If there is water in the car, there may be a short circuit in the wiring when the engine is running. In this case, center locking and windows can also stop working. For safety, get the driver's side glass down before getting into the water, so that you will have a chance to get out in case of lock. Also stop the car like this. After this, allow the vehicle to go slowly in the first gear at a slow speed.

If the car stops on the road amidst waterlogging

If the vehicle stops in the middle of waterlogging or if the vehicle is not able to get out easily then do not try to force the vehicle out. New technology engines, especially diesel engines are very sensitive. In trying to start continuously between water, water can easily leave its effect. It is better to first get the car out by getting help from the surroundings or calling for help and then start the car after that. Get the vehicle stuck in water and get it serviced as soon as possible.

If you have a big car

If you own a big and powerful vehicle and one foot of water is not a problem for you. Also, there is no possibility of your vehicle getting stuck, then during monsoon it becomes your responsibility to cross the place of waterlogging with low speed. Larger tires with larger tires drain more water. In speed, they have an effect on a large area. It is often seen that the waves caused by the departure of a big car pose a problem for small trains, as well as a threat to two-wheelers and others.

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