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SBI ATM Cash withdrawal new facility through whatsapp message. Good news for SBI customers, just one Whats app message to withdraw cash from ATM


SBI ATM Cash withdrawal new facility through whatsapp message

new Delhi. State Bank of India (SBI), the country's largest state-run bank, has launched a unique service for its millions of customers. Now SBI customers will not have to go to the ATM machine to withdraw money, instead the ATM machine itself will come to your home to give money. Now, just by messaging a WhatsApp, the bank will reach the customer's home with an ATM. The bank believes that if customers get money sitting at home, then they will not have to reach the ATM and they will be saved from Corona Mahamar.

Know what is SBI's Whatsapp Message facility

In fact, SBI has now decided to take its mobile ATM machines from door to door. For this, SBI has launched 'On Demand, ATM at your door' service. The bank has told customers that you just give us a WhatsApp and we will bring the ATM machine in front of your house.

Under this, the customer has to send a WhatsApp message on the bank's name from his registered mobile phone. Customers have been told that you can also call the bank to call a mobile ATM home. After this, the van of the nearest branch will reach the customer's home with the ATM, where they will be able to withdraw money without any hassle.

Information about this has been given by SBI on the official Twitter handle. SBI has told its customers that you just send us a Whatsapp message and we will bring the ATM in front of your house. You can also call the bank to call a mobile ATM home. SBI has started this new service in Lucknow and is rapidly expanding to other cities.

SBI gave special gift on Independence Day

SBI has given a special gift to its savings account holders on the occasion of Independence Day. SBI has now got savings account holders from SMS alerts and minimum balance charges. They will not have to pay any fee for these services. The bank has now abolished the charge levied for backing service messages on the mobile number registered with the customer's account. Now the customer will not have to pay any fixed charge for this. Recently, SBI has given this information through tweet. More than 44 crore savings account holders of SBI will get this facility.

This post was published on August 22, 2020 10:37 pm

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