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E-commerce witnesses 17 percent growth post; COVID-19: e-commerce out of the country


E-commerce witnesses 17 percent growth post COVID-19

new Delhi. A report said that the e-commerce sector has not only recovered rapidly due to the impact of the lock-down of Kovid-19, but the sector has also registered a strong growth of 17 percent in order volume. This report prepared by e-commerce solutions platform Unicomers says that during this period there has been a significant change in the way consumers' shopping methods and preferences.

The report noted that the e-commerce sector has not only come out of lethargy but has also seen a 17 percent increase in orders compared to before the lockdown. Consumers' shopping patterns and choices have changed significantly. Health and medicine and daily rapid consumption (FMCG) and agriculture sectors have grown and recorded rapid growth.

This situation has been created due to the increase in the number of online shoppers for the first time. Brands in various categories are now moving towards digitization. This gives consumers new shopping experiences. The report said that when e-commerce started functioning after Kovid-19, the rate of return of products reduced by 10 to 30 percent.

This rate of return decreased according to the product category. This reduction in the return rate can be seen by linking it to the new security rules. Also included is the increasing demand for essential commodities, which are generally not withdrawn. Unicom CEO Kapil Makhija said that the world is currently reeling under the impact of Kovid-19. The e-commerce industry in India is getting a lot of boost from the beginning of this year.

This post was published on August 22, 2020 6:12 pm

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