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Government to offer unemployment benefit to 4 million worker


Government to offer unemployment benefit to 4 million workers

new Delhi. The government has simplified the rules of relief given on the job loss, after which now 40 lakh employees, insured from ESIC, will be able to get the security of half salary on the job. This salary will be given for 3 months. The proposal has been approved by the board of ESIC (employee state insurance corporation) today. The meeting was chaired by Labor Minister Santosh Gangwar. The rule will remain in force from March 24 to December 31. That is, half of the average salary of 3 months will be given to those who lost or lost their jobs during this period.

ESIC has estimated that the move will benefit 41 lakh workers between March and December. This decision will cost the government Rs 6700 crore. According to the ministry, an official statement on this decision will come soon. According to the board, 50 percent of the last salary taken by the workers will be given to them for the next 3 months as a relief.

Workers earning less than Rs 21 thousand are covered under the ESIC scheme. Every month a small part of their salary is deducted and deposited in ESIC, so that they can bear the expenses of medical needs. These workers are called IP or Insured Persons. Insured individuals deposit 0.75% of their basic salary and 3,25% of those employed in ESIC.

On the job, these insured persons of ESIC i.e. workers can now directly send applications for unemployment relief to the branch office of ESI. There will be no need to apply for this from the company. Verification will be done at the branch office itself, and payment will also be directly in the bank account of the laborer. Aadhaar number will be used for identification

This post was published on August 21, 2020 1:20 am

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