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Aiisma launches Aii.Social, India's first own my data my asset social platform | Aiisma launches Aii.Social, India's first 'my data my asset' social platform


Aiisma launches Aii.Social, India’s first own my data my asset social platform

new Delhi: Aiisma launched the Pan India #mydatamyasset campaign on August 15 with the launch of This futuristic social network application offers users on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Play Store to convert data, social engagement and interaction into rewards and pemnets.

Aii.Social not only helps in converting users' data into assets, it is the first KYC enabled platform in the social space that also addresses the issue of social bullying and trolling at the same time. Aiisma users have been receiving awards for their data for the past few weeks, but now users can also interact with friends, family and social media after Aii.Social is added.

This hybrid platform gives users rewards for their social interaction and data. This platform also eliminates fake profiles in audiences. Users are only required to complete their KYC registration to avail prizes or take advantage of promotions. India based startups and SMEs will have early access to the EdTech panel before its full board release in September.

Aiisma launches Aii.Social, India’s first own my data my asset social platform

Talking at its launch, Aiisma CEO Ankit Choudhary said that as technology advances and the Internet becomes an integral part of our day-to-day life, users need to control their data which Shared with businesses.

He said that users' data is often used by many businesses for advertisements, content creation, product research, planning, and more, but in return no amount of money is returned as a benefit to users. Data and social engagement is a big part of wealth creation and Aii.Social will provide this opportunity to the end users.

Ankit Choudhary said that Aii.Social will create a national education campaign 'My Data My Asset' which will educate users about data as an asset and present them with opportunities to earn from it.

This post was published on August 17, 2020 10:07 pm

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