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International market, monsoon to guide stock market this week


stock market next week

new Delhi. The expectation of a new economic stimulus package in the US, as well as the impact of the move of world markets from key global economic data, will also have an impact on the Indian stock market this week. Last week, the Sensex and Nifty closed down on weak cues from foreign markets and the Indian stock market's move during the coming trading week will be decided by the progress of monsoon along with foreign signals. However, other domestic factors, including the financial results released by major companies during the week, crude oil prices in the international market as well as the spread of Corona, will remain under watch.

The US is again considering an incentive to deal with the havoc of Corona, but investors are in a dilemma due to the delay. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump's younger brother and businessman Robert Trump has died on Saturday. On the other hand, tensions between the US and China and the havoc of Corona remain on the global market. The first phase of the trade agreement between the US and China has also been pending review and no new date has been announced for it. In addition, major economic data released in the US, Japan and the euro area will impact the global market. Industrial production data in Japan will be released on Monday at the beginning of the week. At the same time, at the end of the week, on Friday, the figures for the manufacturing sector PMI in the US and Europe will be released on Friday.

The monsoon move improved again in August and there has been good sowing of kharif crops across the country, which is expected to yield bumpers. However, all this will depend on the monsoon rains ahead, so investors will also keep an eye on the monsoon move. Several companies are scheduled to release their financial results for the first quarter of the current financial year during the week. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear on Monday the AGR case related to telecom companies, which will be monitored by the market. All domestic and global factors, as well as the prices of crude oil in international market and the movement of rupee against the dollar, will also be watched by the market.

Investors will also keep an eye on the spread of Corona, at present, the number of new cases remains above 60 thousand. At the same time, the recovery rate has reached close to 72 percent. Investors are eyeing the spread of Corona and the possibility of business discounts. Any positive signal will be better for the market. At the same time, pressure will increase due to signs of acceleration in the spread.

This post was published on August 16, 2020 6:27 pm

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