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Accelerating domestic production of telecom equipment in strategic interest says TRAI


Accelerating domestic production of telecom equipment in strategic interest says TRAI

new Delhi. Amid concerns over China's use of devices in telecom networks on a large scale, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has said that India should speed up domestic manufacturing of communications equipment for 'strategic' reasons. TRAI chairman RS Sharma told PTI-language, "India has become a major center for mobile handset manufacturing, but this needs to be done in the case of telecom devices as well. It is a sensitive and core system of strategically important telecom networks. "Sharma said that the regulator has already made detailed recommendations on manufacturing of telecom equipment at the local level.

Voices are being raised in the world and India for not using Chinese devices in the network for security reasons. From this point of view, the statement of the head of TRAI is important. India is still assessing whether Huawei and ZTE can be excluded from the upcoming 5G trial. However, a final decision has not been made on this yet. Sharma said, "It will be in the strategic interest of the country that we speed up the manufacturing of telecom equipment domestically." TRAI has given its recommendations on this some time ago. "Asked whether domestic manufacturing in the telecom sector needs attention due to concerns over equipment made in China, Sharma said," Definitely From This is important from a strategic point of view. "We have given our recommendations. We have said that domestic manufacturing of telecom equipment is in the strategic interest of the country. "The TRAI chief said that we are manufacturing handsets, so the 'central nervous system' is also very important. This is a sensitive issue. These devices should be manufactured indigenously. He appreciated the steps taken for handset production in the country and said that now they are being manufactured on a large scale. We should also use this success in manufacturing telecom equipment domestically.

This post was published on August 16, 2020 3:05 pm

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