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Peak power demand declines 5.65 percent in first fortnight in August

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Peakpower demand fall

new Delhi. The maximum demand for power in the first fortnight of August has been reduced by 5.65 percent to 167.49 GW. This information has been given in the data of the Ministry of Power. The peak demand and supply of electricity during peak hours during the same period last year was 177.52 GW. The supply of maximum demand during peak hours means the most supplied power in the country during the day. The special thing is that the decline in power demand in the first 15 days of August has been more than in July. Electricity demand was down by 2.61 percent in July. In July, peak demand for electricity was 170.54 GW, while peak demand was 175.12 GW in July 2019 a year ago. Industry experts say power demand has been stabilizing since May. At that time Kovid-19 was eased into the enforced lockdown, leading to an improvement in commercial and industrial activity. The government announced a nationwide shutdown on March 25, 2020 to stop the spread of Kovid-19. This led to a decline in electricity demand for commercial and industrial activities. Demand fell by 25 percent in April due to declining commercial and industrial consumption of electricity. Electricity demand had improved in May, with the expectation that electricity demand in the country would reach a normal level from August. Experts say that the demand and consumption of electricity will reach normal levels from this month. However, its exact position will only be known by the end of August, while full monthly data will be available.

In June this year, peak hour electricity demand declined by 9.6 percent to 164.98 GW as against 182.45 GW in June 2019. Similarly, the peak power demand during May was down by 8.9 percent to 166.22 GW as against 182.53 GW in the same month last year. The peak electricity demand in April was down by about 25 percent to 132.73 GW as against 176.81 GW in April 2019. Data showed that the decline in electricity consumption in July was down 3.6 percent, or 112.24 billion units (BU), from 116.48 billion units in the same month last year. In June, electricity consumption declined by 10.93 percent to 105.08 billion units from 117.98 billion units in June 2019. Similarly, power consumption declined by 14.86 percent in May. In April, there was a major decline in electricity consumption of 23.21 percent.

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