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Government introduced faceless tax system to reduce scope of corruption


Government introduced faceless tax system to reduce scope of corruption

new Delhi. According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with the help of the new transparent tax platform, the period of influence and pressure in the system will end. At the same time, thinking of taking work by increasing your life identity will also end. Giving information about the new system today, the Prime Minister said that till now it has been that the tax department of the city in which the taxpayer is residing takes care of all the matters related to the taxpayer. In cases such as scrutiny, notice, survey or seizure, the taxpayer's role as the income tax officer of the city is predominant. According to the Prime Minister, now this role is over. The Prime Minister said that with the help of technology, any matter will be allocated to the tax department of any part or region of the country in a decided manner.

According to the Prime Minister, the case of a taxpayer of a city will not go to the officer of that city and go to the Income Tax Officer of any other city of the country. At the same time, the matter of review of whatever order will come out in this case will go to the team of tax officer of another city. Which city the team will be and who will be in it will also be decided by computer. At the same time, frequent changes will be made in the process of sending this case.

The Prime Minister clearly said that with this system, the chance of creating an identity between the taxpayer and the tax department and the influence and pressure have been eliminated. Along with this, appeals in tax matters will also be face less. According to the Prime Minister, this step will not only save the department from unnecessary litigation, but will also end the race for transfer postings. In fact, the government has taken this step to settle the cases in view of increasing cases of identity, influence or corruption, all these will be curbed by ending the direct relationship between the tax department and the taxpayer.

This post was published on August 13, 2020 7:39 pm

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