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IT, media, logistics personnel are not comfortable returning to work, survey revealed

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Logistics, IT, Media professionals most anxious about returning to work

Bengaluru Logistics, information technology and media workers are not very comfortable about working at their workplaces. An online survey conducted by LinkedIn revealed this situation. The survey shows that 46 percent of professionals from the travel and entertainment sector and 39 percent from the consumer goods industry are ready to arrive immediately when they are called to work. At the same time, one in every two employees associated with the software and information technology sector says that they would like to work from home for the time being. Apart from other reasons behind this, one reason can also be that he is now able to do his work easily even after staying away from the office.

The statement released by LinkedIn states that the survey revealed that professionals in the transport and logistics and media and telecommunications sectors are not very comfortable about returning to their workplace. He talks more carefully. On Tuesday, LinkedIn announced the findings of the eighth edition of the LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index. This index, released every fortnight, taps the pulse of the confidence of the Indian workforce.

As per the survey, professionals from 5,553 different verticals of the country were asked for their feedback. The survey was conducted between June 1 and July 26. It looked at how professionals from various industries have responded to their return to the actual workplace. 65 per cent of the employees in the software and IT industry, ie two out of three, have expressed concern about returning to their workplace for work. Similarly, 61 percent in media and communication and 61 percent of the employees providing transport and other facilities have expressed their apprehension about coming in contact with those who do not follow safety instructions regarding Kovid-19 at work sites.

One of the issues in this is that one in every three professionals in the logistics sector and one in every four employees in the software and IT sector have also raised the issue of cleanliness at workplaces. He says that lack of cleanliness and hygiene prevents them from returning to workplaces. The survey has also revealed that people are now relying only on their personal savings. One in every three professionals expects their personal deposits to increase, while two out of five people want to keep their personal expenses at the current level for the next six months.

According to the survey, after the gradual withdrawal of the lockdown, the level of personal confidence of small businessmen has increased. However, when it comes to employment security, this hope fades. According to the survey, the confidence of employees of businesses with one to 200 employees is lower than that of businesses with ten thousand and more employees.

This post was published on August 11, 2020 3:31 pm

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