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cost of boeing 737 max crisis is more than 18.7 billion dollar


cost of boeing 737 max crisis is more than 18.7 billion dollar

new Delhi. Air India plane going from Dubai to Calicut crashed on runway in India today. Based on early indications, the weather is believed to be responsible for the accident. However, there have been some similar aircraft accidents in which the world's leading aviation company, which made the crashed aircraft today, not only came under the question, but also its own economic condition deteriorated long before the epidemic started. Air India's crash-prone aircraft was the Boeing 737, whose more modernized aircraft Boeing 737 Max's 2 aircraft account for 346 lives lost and a direct loss of about $ 19 billion to the company's account. Which is equivalent to about 1.5 lakh crores in Indian currency.

The Boeing 737 has been the most successful aircraft. These aircraft include the Boeing 737, Boeing 737 Classic, Boeing 737 Next Generation and Boeing 737 Max. However, during the 5 months of the year 2018-19, two big aircraft accidents started the bad days of Boeing. Boeing reported a total loss of $ 3.4 billion during the June quarter. According to a CNN report, the compensation after these two accidents, along with the cost of making new jets and other losses, is a total loss of about $ 19 billion and continues to grow.

Come, know when Boeing aircraft have been victims of the accident.

5 February 2020

A Boeing 737-800 slipped on the runway in Turkey after the plane crashed into 3 pieces. 3 people died and 179 people were injured in the accident.

8 January 2020

A Boeing 737-800 flying from Tehran to Kiev crashed shortly after takeoff, killing 167 passengers. According to the investigation, the plane was dropped by Tehran's air defense due to human error.

10 March 2019

A 737 Max of Ethiopian Airlines crashed within 6 minutes of flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. All 149 passengers and 8 crew members were killed in it. After this accident, all Boeing 737 MAX flights were banned. These aircraft have been on land since then due to restrictions and epidemics

29 October 2018

Lion Air 737 Max crashed 13 minutes after taking off from Jakarta. A total of 189 people died in it. It was the largest air crash in Boeing's history.

19 March 2016

During a flight from Dubai to Russia, a Boeing 737-800 crashed shortly before landing in Russia. All 62 people died in the accident

22 May 2010

The Boeing 737-800 of the Air India Express at Mangalore International Airport crashed after landing on the runway. 158 people died in the accident.

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