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share of make in india ventilator received by health ministry is 96%

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96% ventilator received by health ministry are make in india

new Delhi. India has become self-sufficient in ventilator manufacturing. According to the Ministry of Health, out of 60,000 ventilators received by the Ministry of Health amid the Corona crisis, 96 percent of the ventilators have been made in India by volume. On the basis of prices, 90 percent of the total purchase is from indigenously made ventilator. The health secretary gave this information during the press conference on the corona epidemic.

According to the Ministry of Health, the biggest contribution in providing Swadeshi ventilator is by Bharat Electronics Limited and Andhra Made Tech Zone. Among the ventilators the ministry receives are 30,000 from Bharat Electronics and 13500 from ventilator Andhra Made Tech Zone. According to the secretary, in 2019, the Indian ventilator market was worth Rs 445 crore with 8510 units. Many tools and parts had to be imported by domestic producers in March when it was not possible to make ventilators without import.

At the same time, the central government has recently approved the export of ventilators made in India, after domestic producers have accelerated the manufacture of ventilators. The Group of Ministers gave its consent on August 1 after the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare received a proposal related to exports. According to the ministry, there is a steady decline in mortality due to corona in India. Also, the production of domestic manufacturers has seen a boom during this period. As of January 2010, more than 20 domestic companies are manufacturing the Vetilator. Manufacturers can send ventilators to foreign countries even after the country meets their needs. According to the ministry, this will enable domestic manufacturers to get new markets abroad for their ventilators.

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