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75 percent of hospitality jobs are at risk due to corona crisis

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corona crisis

new Delhi. In the Corona era, the sword is hanging on the jobs of about 75 percent of the employees in the hotel and hospitality sectors. These are permanent employees of hotels, while temporary and contractual workers have already been discharged. According to information from industry sources, the process of retrenchment is going on continuously and those whose jobs are left are facing 20 to 50 per cent salary cut.

Hotel business experts say that the situation in the hotel and hospitality sector is very bad and if it does not improve in the next two months, 60 to 75 percent of the employees may have to lose their jobs. Hotel Association of India Vice President K.B. According to Kachroo, the situation is indeed very serious and a major employment crisis has arisen in front of about five crore people working in this sector. He admitted that up to 60 per cent of the people could lose their jobs if the situation did not improve in the next month or two.

Kachroo said that whether it is a five-star hotel, a budget hotel, the financial condition of everyone is bad, hence there is a job crisis for the hotel staff. Informed sources say that 30-40 percent of the layoffs have been done. Businessmen say that there are some employees who have been asked to go on leave without pay. At the same time, the business has been restructured. As far as salary deduction is concerned, senior management level officials are cutting their salary by 50 percent.

Rohit Kaul, an expert in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector, says that this is a sector on which the impact of even one day matters a lot, because one day indirectly due to no work or closure due to some reason, live in this sector. – The income of those earning bread stops. He said that people associated with this sector indirectly during the Corona period had already been unemployed and now those who are directly connected, ie permanent employees, have also started retrenchment.

Deepak Haksar, a former CEO of ITC and advisor to the National Committee on Tourism and Hospitality of industry organization CII, told IANS that 25 million people working in the sector could get jobs. He expressed surprise at the lack of opening of the hotel in Delhi and said that when a sector is going through a phase of desolation, efforts should be made to bring it back on track and to save the hotel and hospitality sector, it needs to be opened first. , Because only when the hotels open, people will come and the jobs of those working there will be left.

This post was published on August 4, 2020 2:11 am

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