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Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh Grameen Bank spoke to Rahul Gandhi, need to strengthen the economy of villages

Rahul Gandhi and Muhammad Yunus
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new Delhi. Bangladesh economist and founder of Bangladesh Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus, believes that countries in Asia need to move away from the Western model and work on different economic policies based on domestic conditions, with the main focus being to build village economies. Yunus was talking to former Congress President Rahul Gandhi about the impact on the economy after the Corona crisis today.

According to Muhammad Yunus, the Corona crisis has brought out the evils spread in society. In which the difficulties of rural laborers and laborers have come to the fore. According to him, rural workers and laborers were never considered part of the industry, they have been workers in the unorganized sector. In such a situation, their situation came to the fore as soon as a crisis like Corona came. According to Yunus, governments should try to make policies in such a way that these workers do not have to migrate to cities. For this, the economy of the villages needs to be strengthened, so that opportunities for them are available around them.

According to Muhammad Yunus, we run like western countries in economic matters, so no attention is paid to villages or small laborers. Despite being a better talent, the government does not consider them part of the economy. The government should work wherever people are. According to him, the Corona crisis has stopped the economic machine. But with this, there is also a chance that something new can be done. You have to do something different so that society can be completely changed. According to him, why should we go back to the same world where there are other problems including global warming due to policies.

Muhammad Yunus is considered an economist of the poor, he started giving loans to the poor without any collateral. He started Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. He has also been awarded the Nobel Prize for working for the economic interests of the poor.

This post was published on July 31, 2020 12:04 pm

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