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Top mutual fund apps for investors


Top mutual fund apps for investors

new Delhi. The Corona crisis has affected the economic situation of the entire world. In such a situation, there is a lot of fluctuation in the stock market. According to experts, this is the right time to invest in the stock market and invest in the market for a long period. For safe investment, investing in mutual funds is considered to be the best and best investment option. If you also want to invest in mutual funds, then we will tell you that there are many such safe mutual fund apps through which you can make direct investment anytime from anywhere at home without any broker or commission. Also you can track your portfolio from time to time.


  • The GROWW app is a mutual fund app through which one can invest in mutual funds
  • The app has over 1 million installs which is currently considered to be one of the fastest investing apps in the market.
  • There are all kinds of mutual fund options available through the GROWW app.
  • More than 70 lakh users in India are using this app for investment
  • One can invest through SIP or with a lump sum.
  • With high return funds one can opt for several options like tax saving and large cap mutual funds.
  • You can also track your funds.
  • Smart saving option available, as well as the facility to perform all transactions through 128 beat SSL encryption.
  • Option to invest by computerizing funds.
  • Switch from Indirect Fund to Direct Fund can be done easily.
  • Zero Commission App with Direct Investment.
  • There was also an option to invest in the stock market by opening a demat account.

2. Paytm Money App:

  • One can invest in mutual funds without any commission through Paytm Money app.
  • The best app for investing in the newest and trusted mutual funds.
  • With the help of Paytm Money app you can invest in large cap, small cap, balanced, ELSS tax saving fund, liquid fund, midcap fund as per your requirement.
  • For KYC, you have to give hardly 30 minutes so that investment can be done without any hindrance.
  • This app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store app.
  • Through the Paytm Money app, returns of more than 1 percent can be earned from direct mutual funds.
  • Various investment payment options like Net Banking, UPI and Auto Pay are available.
  • More than 40 Indian mutual funds have investment options.
  • Money can be withdrawn easily through the facility of instant withdrawal.
  • One can easily get a rebate of up to Rs 46,800 by investing in ELSS to save under Section 80C of Income Tax.

3. myCAMS Mutual Fund App:

  • Through the myCAMS app, investors can make all kinds of investments in their portfolio. Also funds can be generated with purchase, sell, redeem, switch, or SIP.
  • Convenience to invest with confidence in India's top mutual funds.
  • Secure app because it does not save your personal account and other personal details.
  • All the mutual fund companies who have registered themselves in myCAMS can easily get information about their funds and check the investment information made in them.
  • Through this app you can make direct investment in NFO scheme.
  • Facilitate quick start of new SIP easily through digiSIP.
  • You can easily track your SIP / STP / SWP as per your convenience.
  • The facility of direct checking all statements related to the invested funds through e-mail and in the app.
  • Through myWatchlist, investors can easily track the performance of their chosen mutual fund.
  • Awarded the Best Financial App Award by GMSA.


  • CASH RICH App to invest in various mutual funds without any brokerage and on zero commission.
  • Under the 80C, invest in tax saving funds, short-term funds, long-term wealth investment through the app.
  • Invest in all kinds of best performing mutual funds in gold and by sector.
  • There is an option to invest in balanced, international funds.
  • You can also track your investment on your own and switch to another mutual fund.
  • When, where and how to invest, all these information are easily available to the investors with the help of the app.
  • 24 * 7 service available to investors. Also the facility to withdraw money immediately.
  • Investment option with the right advice by diversifying your portfolio.

5.Angel BEE:

  • Angel BEE is a mutual fund, SIP and financial plan app that can be used through the Android App Store.
  • Apart from investing, investors can also track their daily expenses through the app.
  • According to your goals and needs, you can choose any option from different mutual funds and invest in the app.

DISCLAIMER: Before taking any kind of investment, take help of your investment advisor. If you do not have complete knowledge of the stock market or mutual fund, then do research before downloading all these apps or invest with the help of some knowledgeable person.

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