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Indigo announces pay cut of up to 35 percent for senior employee

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new Delhi. In the midst of the Kovid-19 crisis, IndiGo has now announced a cut in the salary of its senior employees by 35 percent. The company said on Monday that the move has been taken for cash management. Indigo has been cutting its senior personnel salaries by up to 25 percent since May. On July 20, the company announced that it was going to increase the deduction a bit more. In order to deal with the economic crisis facing the company due to the epidemic, it will cut its employees' salary by 10 percent.

"I am increasing my own salary cut to 35 percent," IndiGo CEO Ranjay Dutta told employees in an e-mail on Monday. I am asking all our senior vice-presidents and above officers to take a 30 percent pay cut. The salary cut of all pilots has been increased to 28 percent. While there will be a 25 percent reduction in the salaries of all the vice-presidents and 15 percent in the salary of the associate vice-presidents, ”he said. The salary cut will be applicable from September 1. Prior to this announcement, Dutta was taking a pay cut of 25 percent, all senior vice-presidents and above, 20 percent, all vice-presidents 15 percent and all associate vice-presidents, 10 percent. Apart from this, in May, Indigo had cut the salaries of Band-D and crew members by 10 percent and Band-C employees by five percent. There was no change in the salary of Band-A and Band-B employees. Their number is the highest in the airline. His salary has not been tampered with even in Datta's Monday announcement.

This post was published on July 28, 2020 12:21 am

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