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Revenue dept plans stern action against 1,417 exporters who claimed refund but are untraceable. Strict action plan against 1,474 at-risk exporters of Revenue Department

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Revenue dept plans stern action against 1,417 exporters who claimed refund but are untraceable

New Delhi. The Income Tax Department is planning to take stringent action against the 1,474 'at-risk exporters' whose addresses are not correct, but have claimed refunds of Rs 2,029 crore under the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Sources have given this information. Sources said that the integrated GST (IGST) refund has been kept suspended in cases where the report after checking the validity of the exporter or supplier is not correct.

Sources said that till now IGST refunds of over Rs 1.37 lakh crore have been issued and only Rs 2,026 crore refunds are pending. According to the law, further work is being done on this. A mobile support facility has been made available for the redressal of complaints of genuine exporters, working 24 hours a day, seven days a day. However, he said that customs officials have been sensitized to issue refunds only to honest exporters in these difficult days of Kovid-19.

Sources say that CBIC examines the legitimacy of each exporter at two levels. In this, hardly three to four documents are verified as per requirement. In the process, 1,474 exporters were found to be risky exporters after CBIC's Directorate General of Risk Management examined the legality of CGST officers working at the regional level. Of these, seven exporters are star exporters. These exporters have claimed a total refund of Rs 2,029 crore. But these exporters were not found at their stated business address. Hence their refund has been rejected.

According to the sources, out of 1,474 high risk exporters, whose address is not available, 1,125 exporters are from Delhi alone. Apart from this, 215 of the exporters not found at the given address are from Surat, 28 from Thane, 15 from Faridabad and 11 from Kolkata. These exporters claiming fraudulent refunds mainly export readymade garments, wallpaper, wall coverings, leather clothes, smoking pipes, mobile phones, cigarette holders, footwear, plastics, floor coverings, ball bearings and roller bearings. Gonna do. Of the seven 'Star Exporters' whose address was not found correct, five are from Delhi and one each is from Mumbai and Kolkata.

Apart from this, adverse reports have also been received against three more star exporters. Two of them are from Mumbai and one is from Jaipur. These star exporters trade in readymade garments, kitchen wares, utensils, speakers, etc., amplifiers, microphones, marine products, unstitched fabrics, saris, scarves etc. These three star exporters have also claimed IGST refunds of Rs 28.9 crore. Sources say that these high-risk exporters are willing to pay IGST at the highest 28 percent rate and claim unwarranted input tax credit (ITC).

This post was published on July 27, 2020 12:01 am

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