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It is not necessary to meet the officer on getting an inquiry notice, complete the process through the Internet: Income Tax Department

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new Delhi. If a person receives notice of income tax inquiry, then there is no need to meet his local income tax officer in person. The person can complete further process in this regard under the new Contactless Assessment Scheme of Income Tax Department. "The face of the Income Tax Department is changing now," the Income Tax Department said in a public notice. One can now take advantage of the contactless assessment system through the Internet. The Income Tax Department said that if a person or a taxpayer gets a notice of tax check on behalf of the department, then there is no need to panic. "Contactless Income Tax Assessment System will help you. To explain your income and tax, you (the taxpayer) do not need to meet the local Income Tax Officer in person. "The department said that the person can submit his answer electronically on the website of the Income Tax Department .

Special teams of the Income Tax Department have been formed to assess these answers, which work in different cities of the country. The public message states that the contact-free tax assessment system will ensure appropriate assessment. This facility has already helped around 58,000 taxpayers. The scheme was launched in October. According to official sources, in the first phase, the department has disposed of 7,116 cases under this scheme. Special teams created for contactless tax assessment have no personal identification. Tannan teams across the country can be assigned the task of assessing cases related to any location, that is, an officer from South India can also assess a case in North India based on the documents received online. Sources said that under this facility 58,319 cases were handed over to these special teams for assessment. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, in her budget speech on July 5 last year, announced the introduction of the facility.

This post was published on July 20, 2020 7:05 pm

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