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Good news for consumers between Covid-19, new and effective consumer protection law implemented in the country-2019


New and Effective Consumer Protection Act 2019 come into force from today

new Delhi. The new Consumer Protection Act-2019 has come into force nationwide from Monday. After this, the consumer has become king. Now misleading advertising can cost companies. Because the new law provides for action on misleading advertising. The notification of the Consumer Protection Act-2019 was issued last week by the Central Government, which has now replaced the Consumer Protection Act-1986.

The Union Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Ministry had issued a notification on July 15 and said that the new law will be implemented from July 20 across the country. The new Consumer Protection Act-2019 was to come into force in January this year but due to some reason its date was extended to March. Although its date was postponed due to a nationwide lockdown for the prevention of corona virus infection, a new consumer protection law has now come into force nationwide.

The new Consumer Protection Act provides for an alternative dispute settlement for arbitration for the purpose of speedy settlement of disputes. The new law also provides for a central consumer protection authority in addition to consumer courts. Keeping the satisfaction of the consumers at the center, the new law provides that where the consumer resides, he can complain to the District or State Consumer Commission. Earlier, services or products were bought from where complaints were to be made.

If the manufacturer, seller or distributor is found selling adulterated or fake products, then the consumer can drag them to court. A consumer can also lodge a complaint with the Commission for compensation. In cases where there is no harm to the health of the consumer, a jail term of up to 6 months and a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh can be imposed. On the other hand, the manufacturer, seller or distributor may face a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh and a jail term of up to 7 years in case of harm to the consumer. If a consumer dies in a case, a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh and a jail term of 7 years or both.

E-commerce companies also included in the scope of the new law

E-commerce companies have also been included in the scope of the new law in the country. Under the Consumer Protection Act, now customers can also complain against these companies. Giving big relief to consumers, a complaint can be made to the District and State Consumer Commission of the home state, earlier the complaint could have been made from where the goods were purchased.

Consumer rights

With the change in the consumer law, consumers have been given many rights, including protection against the sale of goods and services that could cause damage to life or property. Along with this, the consumer has to give detailed information about the quality, quantity, purity, price and standard of the goods. There will be a provision for expeditious action in case of any complaint in production. On the other hand, any complaint made by the consumer will be seriously heard by the selected institution and consumers will be made aware of their rights.

Now celebrity will be fined

Under the new law, a celebrity will also face a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh for misleading advertisements. It will be the responsibility of the celebrity to investigate the claim made in the advertisement, not to promote bad product or adulterated goods. There is a provision for fines and compensation on companies. If the consumer complains falsely, he will now be fined 50 thousand rupees. At the same time, the Central Government will constitute the Central Consumer Protection Authority regarding the law. Whose officials will keep an eye on unseen and misleading advertisements. Apart from this, an independent investigation agency of the CCPA will also be set up, whose responsibility will be in the hands of the Direct General.

This post was published on July 20, 2020 12:28 pm

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