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impact of COVID 19 pandemic less on export of agri goods


Agri sector

new Delhi. The Kovid-19 epidemic has had little impact on the country's exports of agricultural commodities such as oilseeds and rice and the region is achieving good growth. IOPEPC has given this information on Thursday. Khushwant Jain, president of the Indian Oilseeds and Products Export Promotion Council (IOPEPC), said that in June, 14 major agricultural exports, including coffee, rice, tobacco, spices, oil cakes, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, cereals and other processed ingredients Out of the products, 11 agricultural products exports have shown positive growth. He said that the average growth in exports of 14 major agricultural products has been recorded at 18 per cent in June, while the gross merchandise exports have fallen by 12.4 per cent in the month of June.

Jain said that increasing agricultural exports will have an important role in doubling the income of farmers. "The economic impact of the Kovid-19 epidemic is much less on exports of agricultural commodities than in other regions," he said in a statement. This can be seen from the fact that out of the 14 major agricultural products exported during June, about 11 agricultural products have shown positive growth. " Export of oilseeds amounted to Rs 881.71 crore, showing a substantial increase of 64.12 percent. Similarly, exports of oil cake were also recorded by about 39 percent. Jain also said that by giving the facility to sell various agricultural commodities outside the purview of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee and the exemption given from the stock holding limit, agricultural exports will be encouraged.

Ajay Sahay, director general of the Federation of Indian Export Organizations on agricultural exports, said the abolition of restrictions on the inter-state movement of agricultural commodities, exemption to sell such commodities without the obligation to sell through the market and the scope of the Essential Commodities Act Various initiatives such as ejecting many products from agriculture will greatly benefit agricultural exports.

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