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Gold up Rs 120 per 10 gram silver up Rs 898 per KG

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Gold and silver price today

new Delhi. Gold prices rose by Rs 120 to Rs 49,960 per 10 grams in the Delhi Bullion Market on the back of strengthening global prices of precious metals. In the previous trading session, gold had closed at Rs 49,840 per 10 grams. Silver also gained Rs 858 to Rs 53,320 per kg, down from Rs 52,462 on Friday. In the international market, gold closed at $ 1,805 an ounce and silver closed at $ 19.03 an ounce.

HDFC Securities Senior Analyst (Commodities) Tapan Patel said, "The recent spurt in gold prices continued on Monday due to growing concerns over the increase in Covid-19 cases around the world." The number of patients continues steadily. Today the number of new patients across the world set a new record level. The countries with the highest growth are the United States, Brazil, India and South Africa.

So far this year, the price of gold in domestic markets has gone up by 25 percent. At the beginning of 2020, gold was at below 40 thousand level, currently prices are close to the level of 50 thousand rupees per 10 grams. Experts estimate that due to the uncertainty about the Corona crisis, gold may see a further rise and gold may cross the level of 52 thousand rupees by Diwali. In the overseas market, gold is estimated to reach $ 2000 an ounce level.

This post was published on July 13, 2020 8:28 pm

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