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food price stable in corona crisis pulses become expensive in year

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Food price

new Delhi. Despite the worldwide ban or lockdown to prevent the corona virus epidemic, the local retail market did not see any significant variation in the prices of kitchen items from February to June 2020. However, the price of pulses has increased faster than a year ago. Due to the difficulties of collecting data due to lockdown, the government has not been able to release the complete data of retail price index during this period. According to the ration purchase from the general store of groceries in Delhi, prices of pulses such as urad chilka, masoor and arhar in May, June rose by 30 percent over a year ago. The prices of flour and rice have increased by six percent from a year earlier. However, between February and June this year, there was not much variation in the retail prices of other commodities except for a few pulses.

At the same time, in May-June 2020, the price of open urad chilka increased by 31.25 per cent to Rs 100- 105 per kg, Dal malka-masoor increased by 25 per cent to Rs 75 per kg as compared to May-June 2019. During this period, gram dal declined by more than three percent to around Rs 62 a kg. Flour, rice increased from two to 6 percent. According to the quality of turmeric chilli and coriander, there was limited variation. Tea leaf has become five percent costlier. Since the last few years, the price of sugar has been running in the range of Rs 35-36 per kg.

Inflation based on the All India Consumer Food Price Index for the month of May released on the basis of the prices of only food groups items by the government was 9.69 percent in rural areas and 8.36 percent in urban areas. Overall the retail inflation of the food group stood at 9.28 percent. Similarly, the wholesale price index for April is not available, while in May the wholesale price index declined by 3.21 percent year-on-year.

In the local retail market this year, the ten kg flour in the five-month period from February to June went from Rs 330 to 340, while urad chilka remained at Rs 100- 105, arhar dal at Rs 95, moong whole remained at Rs 100 but malka masoor Five- ten rupees increased to 75 rupees kg. According to traders, bringing goods from wholesale markets during lockdown was a difficult task. Freight increased due to shortage of labor and goods vehicles. At the same time there is fresh arrival of gram in Rabi season, so there is some softness in it, while Urad, moong season is towards the end, so prices are high. Crops of tur, moong and urad come in winter.

According to market experts, in recent years, the government has increased the minimum support price (MSP) significantly to promote pulses cultivation in the country, this may also have an impact on the prices of pulses. If we talk about the year 2014-15 to 2019-20, the minimum support price (MSP) of Urad (Sabut) has increased by 31 percent, the MSP of Arhar (Toor) has increased by 33 percent. On the other hand, the MSP of moong has increased by 53.26 percent in these five years. According to the available data, there has been a slight increase in mustard oil over a period of one year, its one liter bottle has increased to Rs 122 from Rs 110 a year ago. Sesame oil held steady at Rs 105 a liter. Dhara refined up 3.70 percent to Rs 140 a liter. Patanjali's native ghee increased by 15 percent to Rs 550 a kg in a year. During the Corona period, the prices of vegetables are running at a relatively normal level, but now the prices of potatoes, tomatoes have started increasing after the onset of the rainy season.

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