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India joins top-5 countries in solar energy; PM inaugurates 750 MW solar power plant in Rewa


India among top 5 nations in solar energy, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi

new Delhi. Inaugurating a 750 MW solar power plant in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India has now joined the list of top five countries in the world in terms of solar energy. He said that today Rewa has really created history. Rewa has been identified as mother Narmada and a white tiger. Now the name of Asia's largest solar power project has also been added.

PM Modi said that this solar plant of Rewa will help in making this entire area a big center of energy in this decade. With this solar plant, the people of Madhya Pradesh will not only get electricity from the industries here, but even the metro rail in Delhi will get its benefit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated Asia's largest solar energy project in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh to the nation through video conferencing from Delhi. The project has three units of 250 MW capacity. This solar power project has a capacity of 750 MW. 24 percent of the power of this project will be given to Delhi Metro. It is the largest solar energy project in Asia.

The total area of ​​this solar park is 1500 hectares. Each unit is set up on 500 hectares of land. The solar park has been developed by Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Limited (RUMSL), a joint company of Madhya Pradesh Energy Development Corporation Limited and public sector solar energy corporation of India. RUMSL has been provided with financial assistance of Rs 138 crore from the center to develop the park.

PM Modi said that apart from Rewa, work is going on on big solar power plants in Shajapur, Neemuch and Chhatarpur. When all these projects are ready, Madhya Pradesh will definitely become a major center of cheap and clean electricity. The biggest benefit of this will be to the poor, middle class families of Madhya Pradesh, farmers, tribals. Solar energy is going to be a major medium of energy needs not only today but in the 21st century.

PM Modi said that solar energy is loud, pure and pure. As India is moving towards the new peak of development, our hopes and aspirations are increasing, as well as our energy and electricity needs are also increasing. In such a situation, self-sufficiency of electricity is very important for a self-reliant India. When we talk of self-sufficiency, progress, the economy is an important aspect of it. Policy makers all over the world have been in dilemma for years, to think about the economy or the environment.

Today you will see that in all the programs of the government, priority is given to environmental protection and ease of living. For us, the protection of the environment is not limited to just a few projects, but it is also a way of living. When we are launching large projects of renewable energy, we are also making sure that our determination towards clean energy is seen in every aspect of life.

We are trying that its benefits reach every corner of the country, every section of society, every citizen. The LED bulb has reduced the electricity bill. This has another important aspect. Nearly 40 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the LED bulb is preventing it from entering the environment, meaning pollution is decreasing. Power reached everyone, enough power was reached. Our environment, our air, our water should also remain pure, with this thinking we are working continuously.

This thinking is also reflected in our policy and strategy on solar energy: the way solar power is working in India, it is going to be discussed. Due to such big steps, India is being considered as the most attractive market for clean energy. Seeing this expectation of the world, of humanity, of India, this expectation, we are engaged in connecting the whole world. The result of this thinking is AISA ie International Solar Alliance. This is the feeling behind One World, One Sun, One Grid.

PM Modi said that in a way solar energy has also made the common customer productive, has completely given control over the power button. The participation of the common people in the rest of the power generating medium is negligible. The first plant, which is traditional farming, is planted by our farmer on such land which is fertile.

But this is another solar energy plant, it will also be planted on such land which is not fertile, it is not good in terms of crop. I am confident that the farmer companions of Madhya Pradesh will also make this massive campaign to adopt this means of additional income and make India an energy exporter.

This belief is more because the farmers of Madhya Pradesh have shown the resolve by turning it into accomplishment. We will not be able to fully harness the power of solar power unless we have a better solar panel, better battery, better quality storage capacity in the country. Now fast work is going on in this direction.

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