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Mask and hand sanitizer out from essential commodity list

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Mask and hand sanitizer out from essential commodity list

new Delhi. Face masks and hand sanitizers have now been removed from the purview of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955. Consumer Affairs Secretary Leena Nandan gave this information on Tuesday. He said that now the supply of face mask and sanitizer is sufficient in the country, these are no longer necessary products. On March 13, the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs declared face mask and sanitizer as essential items for 100 days. The demand for these products had increased strongly due to the Corona virus epidemic at that time. This step was taken to increase the supply of these products and to prevent hoarding. "These two products were declared essential items by June 30," Nandan told PTI. We are not taking it further because there is sufficient supply in the country, ”he said. The decision in this regard has been taken in consultation with the state governments. Nandan said, "We have talked to all the states. They have informed that there is adequate supply of these products. No worries about supply. "

In fact, the quantity and price of the products included in the list of essential commodities is monitored by the government and they cannot be sold at a price higher than the limit. With the outbreak of the epidemic during March, the demand for masks and handsetizers had increased significantly compared to production. During this period, due to the sharp rise in prices, black marketing, hoarding and counterfeit products, the government included hand sanitizer and mask in essential items. So that their production and prices can be closely monitored.

This post was published on July 7, 2020 6:54 pm

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