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power demand slump narrows to 2.6 percent in july

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Power demand

new Delhi. The decline in power demand due to restrictions imposed due to Corona virus has reduced considerably now and demand is now only 2.6 percent less than normal. Electricity demand was down 9.6 percent in June. This shows that commercial and industrial activities are improving in the country. The demand for electricity has been declining for the last few months due to the lockdown imposed across the country at the end of March to prevent the corona virus epidemic. Electricity demand in April was down by about 25 percent compared to a year earlier, as commercial and industrial activity declined in lockdown. Later, demand began to improve with the easing of lockdown restrictions. Electricity demand in May was 8.82 percent lower than the year before.

Experts have expressed the hope that by August this year, electricity demand will reach normal levels. Unlock 2.0 is expected to bring economic activity to near normal levels, the effect of which will also be reflected in the power demand figures. According to the data of the Ministry of Power, the highest demand for electricity was recorded on July 2 at 170.54 GW, which is just 2.61 percent less than 175.12 GW of July 2019. The highest power demand was 166.78 GW on 1 July, 168.74 GW on 3 July and 160.83 GW on 4 July. Earlier the highest power demand was 164.94 GW in June, 166.42 GW in May and 132.77 GW in April. The power consumption recorded during the busiest time during any period is called the highest demand for electricity for that period.

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