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Government to push domestic companies to make cranes for cargo handling


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new Delhi. Union Minister Mansukh L Mandaviya has said that the Ministry of Shipping will encourage domestic companies to manufacture cranes used in the maintenance of goods at ports to curb its imports. Currently, cranes worth Rs 1,000 crore are imported annually. He also said that work is on to increase the country's share in the ship recycling business to 60 percent worldwide. The Minister of Shipping said that the aim of these efforts is to strengthen the industries connected with ports and make the country a major center for recycling warfare and other vessels under the Self-Reliant India Campaign.

Global tenders worth Rs 200 crore have recently been canceled under the Self-Reliant India Campaign. "We will work aggressively towards a self-sufficient India through port-based industries and industrialization," Mandaviya told PTI-Bhasha. We will strengthen the repair and recycling facilities of ships, "he said." Under this, we have decided to buy cranes made in India for the maintenance of cargo at ports. Till now India has been importing cranes worth about Rs. 1,000 crores annually. "

The minister also said that till now the crane was not manufactured here, but Indian companies can make it independently or through joint venture under 'Make in India'. He said that apart from this, we are also focusing on the development of port infrastructure, jetties, terminal construction and cruise terminals. Mandavia said that this would increase the number of skilled workers, which would lead to employment. There are plans to double ship repair in the next two years. Currently, India repairs around 1,200 vessels annually. "The minister said that the country would also strive towards acquiring about 60 percent share in the ship recycling business worldwide." In the next two years, our share will be 50 percent, which is currently 40 percent. He said that the world's largest shipyard, Gujarat, is ready to serve the increasing number of incoming vessels for recycling.

India, Bangladesh, China and Pakistan account for about 90 per cent of global ship recycling. The minister said that apart from this we are also focusing on increasing the number of seafarers. In spite of having a large share of the world's population, our share of seafarers is only 7 percent. Countries like the Philippines, on the other hand, have only 2 percent of the world's population, while the global navigator share is 20 percent. "The number of seafarers was 94,000 in 2014, which has now increased to 2.4 lakhs," he said. We want to increase it to 5 lakhs in the next five years. "

This post was published on July 3, 2020 10:03 pm

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